How to apply for Food Stamps in Florida

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The first thing you will need to do to is to glance over the rules of Florida food stamps to find out if you meet minimum eligibility guidelines. Even if you are unsure about your qualifications you should apply anyway. If you wish, you can use the online food stamp eligibility tool to see if you may qualify, if you don’t know how to do this I have written an article titled “How to Find Out if You May Be Eligible for Food Stamps Online.”

Next, you will need to know that there is no longer a walk in office to apply for Florida food stamps. The Department of Children and Families have decided that it would be more time efficient to have all Florida food stamps applicants apply online. There is a link to the online Florida Food Stamp Application at the end of this article.

Once you complete the application you will be sent an email confirmation from the Department of Children and Families. Keep this confirmation until your application has been approved or denied – this is your proof that you have applied.

If the Department of Children and Families deems you eligible for Florida food stamps, you may be able to get expedited food stamps within a couple of days. Otherwise, you will be notified of your status in less than thirty days.

If you are eligible for Florida food stamps, you will get a letter in the mail. Your food stamps will be dispersed to you via EBT card (debit card specifically for government aid funds)  which will be sent to you in a timely manner. If you are denied, you will receive a letter that explains why you were not eligible, or you will get a request for more information.

Feeding your family nutritious meals is much more important than pride. Keep your head held up high, and know that everyone needs help sometime.

*Click HERE to find out how to use the Online Food Stamp Eligibility Tool.


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