No Harm in Liking Younger Women

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I am wanting to pen down certain ideas in a volatile and charged atmosphere, where many people are concerned that the USA will attack Iran. So I am writing something personal and could also help a lot of guys like me.


Firstly lets face it man, ALL and I mean all (except the Gays) are like me, who covet and lust after young, attractive women. Frankly there is nothing wrong with it, for it’s got a simple answer: biology. Men have an inherent desire to chase a breed along with a young, virile and a sexy girl. Age is not a criterion, at least for the men as the biological clock here is different. Women get checkmated by the biological clock, but not the men who can even when well past the prime produce off spring. I read some where that Anthony Quinn the Hollywood star had one when he was 82. There was aretired Major in Baghdogra who hat 72 married a girl half his age and fathered twins!

The world however sometimes sees this differently and many old guys are the butt of jokes and some get sneered as well. You have words like ‘pervert’ and worse being bandied about for an older man who covets younger woman. But a lot many older men marry younger women and the couples are happy.  It’s a biological need and one need not be ashamed about it.

 Frankly as I am not a woman, I can’t write from the women’s angle. But I suppose all relationships can only take place if there is mutual attraction, and sexual desire. So I will concede one rider that an older man coveting younger woman must insure it’s not an unrealistic relationship where other considerations are involved. Though sadly sometimes it happens.


At the end of the day an older man will not be as attractive as a younger man. That can’t be helped, but an older man can in his own way win younger woman. You got to give it a try and you will find that conquests are sometimes so easy.

 I have no apologies for the fact that I love younger women. What’s wrong with it? But since I do not drive a Rolls and have wads of money, I know that when a younger woman accepts me,it is not for money. I hate a business relationship. Coming back to the theme of this post, older men do desire younger women. Nothing wrong with it. It’s a biological need and lastly pals don’t give up. A lot of younger women prefer older men, why? I am stymied for an answer. But I am happy as I am, as I look for younger women. Any objections? 

Last word. its got something to do with heath and foitness as well and  so friends look after yourself


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