Time For Medical And Engineering Admission: Are They Just a Show ?

January 2012 has started, and this is the beginning time for the admissions to various undergraduate medical and engineering colleges in India. Students from all over the country, try to enroll in various medical and engineering colleges after their class 12th. Entrance examinations are being conducted for the admissions.

Medical courses include MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BAMS etc. Engineering undergraduate courses include B.Tech/B.E in many streams like Civil, Electrical, Chemical, Computer Science etc. Admission is done through merit list which is prepared from the entrance examination results of various colleges. But the main question arises here is that – ARE ALL THESE PROCEDURES JUST A SHOW? This question arises just because of the corruption in India.

The truth is that lots of seats in maximum of the colleges including some of the top ten lists are occupied before the entrance examinations only. This is done with the help of money power. Yeah, you are getting the point. Donation is the one and only admission helper and seat booker in maximum medical and engineering courses. The top ten list of medical colleges in India can be viewed here – http://www.bukisa.com/articles/648778_top-ten-medical-colleges-in-india

Now getting to the main point, the seats in those colleges get filled by donation before the entrance examination only. So simply we can say that all the admissions are done behind our back and we just prepare hardly for examination, that too just to get rejected. The rejection is fixed as seats are already fixed for those who pay a high amount. This is the truth of education system in India.

For a total of 10,000 seats, a total of 10,00,000 students sits every year in the entrance examination for these medical or engineering colleges. And out of those only 1% gets merit list and rest 99% gets rejected, even if they are brilliant enough. Of course, those who are not so brilliant to get a seat, gets admission through money. But are they securing the bright future for India ?

If this is going to be continued like this, then in very less time, Indians will be lacked behind everyone. There are lots of steps which are being taken to decrease corruption in the society but will it ever happen? Corruption in the education system is the worst corruption for the whole society as well as country. This should be controlled as soon as possible because many students are destroying their lives and futures. College administration should be very strict in these kinds of matters.

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