Business Advice From Bob Sadino

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1. Too Many Ideas – The “smart” is usually a lot of ideas, maybe even too many ideas, so none is a reality. While people “stupid” may only have one idea and one that is the business choice

2. Poor Courage to start – The “dumb” is usually more daring than the “smart”, why? Because people are “stupid” often do not think long or a lot of consideration. He’s nothing to lose. In contrast, the “smart” too many considerations.

3. Analysing are too clever – Most people are “smart” is very clever analyzed. Every single business idea, analyzed with a very comprehensive, ranging from the capital, profit and loss until the break event point. People “stupid” not good at analyzing, making it faster to start a business.

4. Want to Fast Success – The “Smart” was able to do various things with his intelligence, including mendapatkahn results quickly. Instead, people are “stupid” feels he must go through a long and winding road before getting results.

5. Not Dare to Dream Big – The “smart” logic to dream of something that logically can be achieved. People “stupid” is not concerned with logic, which he dreamed of something important, very large, even something that can not be achieved by anyone else.

6. Business Need for Higher Education – The “Smart” assume, for the business needs a certain educational level. People “stupid” to think, he can do business.

7. Negative Thinking Before You Begin – The “Smart” is great in the analysis, it is possible to think negatively about a business, because the information he had gathered so much. While people “stupid” do not have time to think negatively because they have to do business soon.

8. I wish Done Alone – The “Smart” think “I can definitely do it all”, while the people “stupid” thought he had a lot of limitations, so that should help other people.

9. Poor Knowledge of Marketing and Sales – The “Smart” considered already know many things, but often forget about the sale. People “stupid” to think simple, “an important product sold”.

10. No Focus – The “Smart” focus word is often underestimated. Make him do a lot more fun. While people “stupid” does not have anything else except focus on its business.

11. Not Caring Consumer – The “Smart” is often too confident with his prowess. He felt everything was OK thanks to his intelligence, so ignore the voice of consumers. People “stupid”?. He knows consumers are often more clever of him.

12. Ignore Quality-People “stupid” is an occasional neglect of quality because it does not know, so stay informed erroneously that ignoring quality. Sednagnkan the “smart” often ignore the quality, because it knowingly.

13. Not Completed – The “Smart” easily switch from one business to another business that had a lot of capabilities and opportunities. People “stupid” will inevitably have to complete a business course.

14. Do not Know Pioritas – The “Smart” is often wise guy with a lot of things to do and decide in time at once, so priorities neglected. People “stupid”? The most threatening bisnisnyalah that will be pioritas

15. Less Work Hard and Work Smart – Many people are “stupid” that rely on the spirit and hard work plus a little smart work, making it a success in business. On the other hand most people are “smart” lazy ass to work hard and smart,

16. Menacampuradukan Finance – A “smart” though still behave confuse stupid with the personal and corporate finance.

17. Easy to Give Up – The “Smart” feel prestige when it fails in one area so that a direct switch to other fields, when faced with obstacles. People “stupid” often had no choice but to defeat these obstacles.

18. Forgetting God – Most people feel that success is the result of lousy Jarih yourself, without the intervention of “Lord”. Given the LORD is a vertical worship and helping others as a horizontal worship.

19. Forgetting Family – Make the family as a motivator and supporter at the time of starting a new business or when running a business more time and energy meguras

20. Bad behavior – After becoming a successful entrepreneur, then someone will think of himself as an independent. He no longer needs the others, because it was able to stand diats his own feet.


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