Reputable Options for Obtaining an Online Paralegal Certificate

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Check out the online paralegal program at Kaplan.  Kaplan University has a well established and regionally accredited physical campus, but lately, Kaplan has been gaining a lot of positive notoriety for their online programs. The online paralegal certificate offered by Kaplan consists of 41 credits and can be completed swiftly in just four quarters. Click on the link below to learn more about the online paralegal certificate from Kaplan University.

Get all of the information that you can about Boston University’s online paralegal program. Like Kaplan, Boston University offers an online paralegal certificate as well. The program at Boston University is next to none. The paralegal class is designed to be completed in just 14 short weeks. Boston University is one of the best schools in the country; therefore, you know that you will learn everything you need to know about the paralegal field in the short time it takes to train. Information about Boston University’s online paralegal training can be found by clicking below.

Make sure to look at everything that is offered in the The Center for Legal Studies’ online paralegal training. The school is probably the grandfather of all online paralegal certificate programs. Since 1980, The Center for Legal Studies has been offering paralegal certificate programs. Currently, they offer web based paralegal training through continuing education programs at dozens of colleges across the nation. Check out their website to learn all about the paralegal education opportunities that exist therein.

Finally, take a look at the paralegal programs at Penn Foster. If you would like to learn at your own pace without spending a lot of money, Penn Foster Career School may be just right for you. Penn Foster offers an online paralegal certificate that can be completed as fast as you can learn. Penn Foster has been in business since the late 70’s. For years they were known as International Correspondence School (ICS). They changed their name to Penn Foster in 2006, and stepped up the marketing of their online programs as opposed to their well established correspondence programs. The program at Penn Foster is actually a paralegal diploma. Therefore, you will learn more than you would in an actual paralegal certificate program. However, they do offer a paralegal certificate program in the form of Real Estate and Wills & Estates specialization. If you are extremely motivated you can complete their program in less than six months. I have personal knowledge of someone who completed both programs it in just three months. It’s all up to you.

The Paralegal field is open to everyone, and technological advancements have made the research aspect of the job much simpler than it used to be.  If you are looking to break into the paralegal field, you should at least investigate the various online training programs..  Remember, whichever option you choose, you cannot go wrong by getting an online paralegal certificate.


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