4 Ways to Get Your Child to Read

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It would be lovely to see your kids reading without you asking them. But what would it take for you to get them to read voluntarily? There are several approaches that you can try. Here are few suggestions that worked for other parents, and ours, too.

Let your children see how fun reading is

Okay, so let us get one thing straight. You would like to convince your children to like reading. Right?

You can bribe them for all you want. Buy them more toys. Take them to theme parks. Or scare them by saying they will get punished if they would not read. All these can work, but unfortunately, only for a particular period.

Do not make your kids used to prizes or threats as motivation. Help them see how interesting reading can be, in itself. Take them to story sessions in libraries. Let them meet new friends.


Let kids choose reading materials

Books are not the only type of reading material that can be both informative and entertaining. There are newspapers, magazines, and comics.

Do not force your kids to read scholastic articles they obviously do not appreciate. Otherwise, they will only pretend like they are so engrossed, when all they are actually hoping is that they can get back to playing.

The more you push kids to read something they do not find appealing, the more they will turn their backs to reading. So do not insist on what you, alone, think is best for them to read. Let your children start where they are comfortable at.

When you visit bookstores, let them choose which books to buy. You can always guide and suggest, but never should you set aside kids’ preferences.

And remember, it is a step-by-step process. First, they might be attracted only with the colorful images. Then, afterward, they will learn painting pictures on their mind, by the words they read.

Make reading your bonding time, or playtime together

Kids always want it fun, and what is more enjoyable for them than playtime.

It helps inculcating to children that reading can be as engaging as playing with their mates or favorite toys. Go the extra mile, and use your creativity to make storytelling even more engaging.

Create puppets out of old socks or mittens. You can also use cut-outs from magazines, or come up with your own illustrations. narrate stories using different voices for each character. You can even have your children join you. Let them help you make puppets. You can also assign them a role to play.

Be the model yourself

Your kids would not believe that it is worthwhile reading if never did they see you read, ever.

Be the role model yourself, since you cannot fully depend on their teachers. It is a fact though that enrolling your kids in schools with good reading programs can help boost their enthusiasm toward reading.

However, it is more of the parents’ responsibility to develop their child’s interest in reading. Imagine if we are to expect teachers to do this by themselves, alone, without our support? They can grow old in a matter of days.

Take the forefront to creating more readers. You do not have to pick an encyclopedia. Be true to yourselves. Just do not read those meant for adults, in front of your kids.

Yes, it might not come easy but all your efforts will eventually pay off. You reaching this part of the article only means you know how beneficial reading is. You certainly would not mind  taking time out of your busy schedule to read with the kids.


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