Does Soul Exist With Powers Attributed to It?


Object of nature were created for purpose

The objects of nature were created for purpose and expanding the option list for making the idea of evolution of life on earth successful.

The Hardest Vs the Softest

A variety of hard and soft objects were created. The quest continued by man over the years. The process of selection of objects is in complete conformity with the growing knowledge base of mankind at a given point of time. The Creator created the hardest (roughest) and the softest objects in a systematic way and attached some power and utility to each.

Stone/Rock was created with limited Utility

The hardest thing which He created is Rock (stone) in terms of melting point, feel ability, transparency, utility etc). It has limited utility except for paving paths and erecting buildings with zero transparency but with the highest degree of being physically seen (easy to describe by human senses).

With the discovery of Metal/Creation of iron came forth the desire to be on the move

Then He created Iron/metal which is relatively soft, transparent, with relatively lower melting point but its utility is greater than stone and having ability to transform one form of civilization to the other (the explanation that coming of civility and agglomeration of man and becoming more literate may, perhaps, be short of reasonability but it was rather the time span; when the use of one object (stone) was augmented by other (iron) and it immediately transformed the way of life).Iron is superior to stone as it can reveal further utility when manipulated which otherwise was never possible. It took ages for the construction industry to flourish; although, the stone was created when this earth was created. Just imagine the time lapse. So, this was the miraculous power of metal; which would never diminish that incepted the desire to set the wheel of life on motion.

Metals subdued to fire and we were in the air, down the ocean and everywhere

Next to Iron that he created was Fire. Imagine the utility of fire, it is superior to iron. Iron had limited utility in raw morph or with some modification. It was fire that changed its meaning and transformed the face of entire earth. Man might had invented wheel long before, but it was he himself or the bullocks who were pulling the cart for him. Nothing more than it and it was fire that made it to move. It was fire that expedited the exploration of earth for more metals because man had started to experience the utility of metals. It was where, rapid progress was observed and human progress and agglomeration was at a galloping pace. The journey from hard to soft continues even further and the miraculous power of each unfolds many a world of wisdom for us.

The real utility of water is not limited to what are attributed to swimming

Next in order of hardest-softest comes Water. Water is superior to the previous list of objects. It can make rocks to pieces of silt and make them travel to many a miles before belting them somewhere for the purpose of growing more life from it. It is the water that can alter the properties of metals if they are exposed to it. It increases their utility by serving as universal solvent. It gave us many a solutions to our ailments in the form of decoctions, solutions, mixtures that it would require volumes of books to encompass its utility. Its powers are truly miraculous but this is the last object in this order which we can see. Therefore, we can manipulate it and the already mentioned objects in more pragmatic and commanding way.

Is air, wind, and gas different objects or attibutes of one big class of natural objects?

Next to the order of objects is Wind. Its powers are even more miraculous. Life depends on it. This envelope of gases controls the balance of life on biosphere. It regulates the oceanic currents; it moderates the weather and climate around the globe. The hydraulic pressure does wonders, you can displace haughty mountains, can manipulate the aeronautics with so much of aerodynamics that it baffles us. This object can’t be seen with human unaided eye, it can’t be smelled (unless adulterated), it can’t be caught (unless attended by some agency in action), it can’t be tasted but only it can be felt, so our control over it is negligible, yet we have done us magnanimous jobs with this control and have harvested those purposes that other objects couldn’t yield even after bowing to us with absolute possession. So, sometimes, a limited control can be so miraculous that we can’t imagine.

Man the marvel of the creations sits on the centre of Universe

Next in the chain is Man. Now, the journey is metaphysical. Man possesses brain which is extremely powerful and can control and manipulate all the objects already mentioned. Though he does not control the source of those objects but can manipulate each individually as well as in a combined way. So his powers are miraculous. Behind, all the stories mentioned so far, it is only human brain. It be the transformation phase, be the making and inception phase or the manipulation phase, it is human brain that is everywhere. In a nut shell, human brain is extremely powerful and its true potential can still be a mystery.

The most powerful object of Nature

Next to the chain is soul (the intension). The powers of souls are still a subject of fondness for many. Few believe this and few not. But there can’t be missing links between the Creator and the creations; reasons fail this. If one follows the chain of logics it suggests that if we are not like creator than we don’t have attributes like Him and the powers like Him. If it is so, then there must be a way that we have a connection with Him (The reality of life and death and the very theory that he controls everything). So, perhaps, it is soul that is the softest thing with miraculous powers but we can’t see it, can’t feel it, can’t taste it, can’t hear it, and can’t smell it. It is beyond our reach. When we don’t physically feel it we don’t believe it or don’t perceive it. It means what we see is either the right thing or what we see is erroneous. It may be the latter because time and again we fall short of realities that are obvious and curse the limited scope of our senses. This is happy hunting ground for human thought.

Human reason is yet to answer some hard questions posed by objects of nature

Man has come of ages and is at a point of time where lot of questions need to be answered by him. It has presented him with the most difficult questions he ever had been asked to answer. Would he refuse the existence of a superior thing like soul while on the list of inventions sits, X-rays which are immaterial yet an observable reality that has revolutionized the world of science already and the miraculous power of this immaterial yet existent thing has certainly something to offer to human reason?

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