Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol Dvd

Growing up I loved to watch Mr. Magoo, so naturally I watched Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol when it aired.  I had really forgotten it, though, until I saw it and decided to nurture my inner child by acquiring the Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol DVD.  So, for the first time in decades, I watched and enjoyed this well done animated feature.

The twist on this is that Mr. Magoo is an actor where he is starring as Scrooge.  The opening scene has him on his way to the theater.  Then we get the big production, and the conclusion are the curtain calls at the end, done Magoo style.

The DVD is excellent quality for picture and sound.  There is nothing bad to be said about that.  In fact, the color is excellent.  I just love the song sequence for “The Lord’s Bright Blessing” where Tiny Tim is just drooling about razzleberry dressing and razzleberry gravy and razzleberry pudding.  Goodness, what a shame there is not really something called razzleberry because if ever a show made a human want an imaginary food, it is this one with Tiny Tim’s longing for anything razzleberry.

The DVD case is that cheap plastic shell unfortunately, but I do love the big, bright artwork that pictures Magoo and a happy Tiny Tim on the front.  A flipflopped image of the same thing is on the actual disk.  The back cover has a few more color images and the write up, including the extras.

One of the extras is an audio commentary.  I have forgotten the name of the man who did it, but he knew his stuff.  He actually interviewed several of the key animators and performers and we get to hear them discussing their recollections of the project.  I loved the interviews.  However, some of this man’s straight commentary was essentially read.  I think he was trying to get in a lot of details and what I will call exposition, but that is not fun to listen to.

Two storyboard sequences were included, and that was interesting to see how the sketch became the cartoon, and there are a couple of other extras.  It all adds up to a good holiday DVD.

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