The Flintstones: The Complete Sixth Season Dvd Set

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Hanna-Barbera Golden Collection’s The Flintstones: The Complete Sixth Season DVD set wraps up their offerings of this classic animated series.  Like the other sets, the packaging format is the same with a multi-foldout disk holder slipping into a cardboard box for safekeeping.  A great cast photo decorates the front with more pictures a write up on the back.

Like the fifth season, this is regrettably a thinner set because of the cheap way in which the disks are stored.  Instead of having their own slot, two disks overlap each other on two parts of the fold out.  Cheap, cheap, and cheap.  I don’t like it.

As in season five, there are four disks, three with beautiful artwork and the fourth a two-sided affair.  There is a “play all” button, but no chapter marks.

The first show is “No Biz Like Show Biz,” where we see that Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm have aged slightly. They are a teeny tad bigger and older looking and though Wilma says the kids can’t even talk yet, they are singing and playing musical instruments.  How could that be?  The babies become a singing sensation.  Pebbles has a new blouse, a green one replacing her cute red attire that she’s been wearing since her 3rd season birth.  Of course, there is an explanation for the singing, and I love the entire concept.

Another good episode is called “Samantha” and takes Samantha and Darrin Stephens of the “Bewitched” series and puts them in Bedrock temporarily.  Both Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York voiced their animated counterparts.

Of significance to the series, this final season introduced us to the Great Gazoo, an alien life form visible only to Fred and Barney, their kids, and their pets after they rescue Gazoo.  Something else that I noticed is that Wilma and Betty get more wardrobe color.  While their outfits were sometimes shown in the first 5 seasons, they rarely actually wore something different from their normal dresses.  This season has multiple shows with the ladies showing off more hues.  They actually wear hair pieces and such. I love it; I wish they’d done it more in the first five seasons.

There are a few token bonus features, but nothing that impressive in my opinion.


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