The Flintstones: The Complete Fifth Season Dvd Set

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The fun of the Hanna-Barbera Golden Collection continues with The Flintstones: The Complete Fifth Season DVD set.  As always, a fold out disk holder, which is artfully decorated, slips into a cardboard box, giving it a book-like presentation.  More wonderful cast photos and scenes adorn the box.

However, this is a much thinner set than the first four.  The reason for that is shortcutting in terms of how the disks are stored.  Instead of each having its slot, disks 1 and 2 overlap each other, as do disks 3 and 4.  I hate that because it’s more difficult to actually retrieve the disk you want.  Maintaining the strategy of past sets, the fourth and final disk is two sided.

As with the other sets, there is the prized “play all” button, but no chapter marks for easy navigation.

I love the first episode of the season, which is “Hop Happy.”  This is the introduction of Bamm Bamm’s pet, a hopparoo named Hoppy.  Of course, Dino shakes in fear the first time he sees Hoppy, thinking he’s a giant mouse.  The two animals join together and bond after having to save their Stone Age humans.

Another episode has Dino becoming a daddy; I love that one, too.  Then there is Christmas Flintstones, a holiday show with great Dino story within it.  “Sheriff for a Day” is another favorite and has a neat Bonanza plug; the Hoss drawing was pretty darn good, as was Ben, but the other two weren’t as good.  The voices were not the actors, either.

I totally forgot about “Surfin’ Fred,” the last show of the season, and cannot remember it at all, and that really throws me because one of my all time favorite performers, James Darren, does the voice of his alter ego, Jimmy Darrock.  He sings, too.

The extras are few on this set.  I guess they were running out of things to include.  It actually seems like just a couple of the sets had bonus material that was really neat, and the rest, like this one, just had a coupon of token featurettes that someone thought of so they could say that had extras.


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