The Flintstones: The Complete Fourth Season Dvd Set

Part of the Hanna-Barbera Golden Collection, The Flintstones: The Complete Fourth Season DVD set continues to use the same basic package design as previous sets.  A multi-foldout disk holder slips into a cardboard box like a book.  The front has a nice animated cast photo, and more images plus a write up is on the back.

As in the past sets, the interior holder is a fold out piece that you have to keep unfolding several times to actually get to all of the disks.  Each disk has its own slot and includes artwork on the face, except for for the final DVD that is two-sided.

Once again, there are not any chapter marks.  You can only switch back and forth to the beginning of episodes.  The teaser is still included as well.

The season opener is the wonderful Ann-Margret episode called “Ann-Margrock Presents” in which the famous singer is hired as Pebbles’ babysitter.  Commentary is provided for this classic outing, too.  The singer performs a really lovely and sweet lullaby, “The Littlest Lamb,” that is absolutely precious.

The third show in is another good one.  Called “Little Bamm-Bamm,” this is where Barney and Betty get their wish for a child of their own.  Prior to that is one of the most poignant scenes of the series.  It’s short and sweet, but I really felt the emotion of the Rubbles’ desire to have their own baby.

Dino’s one year anniversary show proves that there is no continuity in this cartoon series.  Actually, there never has been so when you watch you do have to forget just about anything seen in past shows.

This is also the season where we finally see the cat from the opening credits in one brief scene.  Fred actually puts the cat out for the night.  I think that’s the only scene with the cat from the entire series.  Another episode deals with Fred finding a lion that he thinks with a cat, but that is separate from the one where he puts out their pet cat.

Extra wise, it’s a little disappointing and feels like season 1 that was lacking in the bonus material in terms of quality and quantity.

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