Surrender to Reality

Surrendering to reality is not the same as being a sacrificial lamb or helplessness. It only means that you are open-minded to avoid shutting yourself out from countless possibilities. This will also help you to get rid of attempting to mold a new reality in the mind’s cubbyholes.

In a nutshell, to be true to yourself is all about getting to know who you really are. This is about avoiding being trapped up by your own fears or any expectations from others. To be true means to release yourself. When you are true to yourself, it means that you can experience everything about yourself without censoring anything internally. When people fail to become themselves, they develop a crack in their own lives; however, the separation of your genuineness can disappear when you are being real. Your individualism will come forth when you are able to be at ease in your own skin.

However, do not mistake to be true to yourself as a medicine to all your debts, troubles, and fears. It does not promise that you will live on cloud nine and it does not give you permission to be disrespectful or selfish.

Therefore you can begin to ask yourself the benefits of having it. You can also be concerned that other people are able to know your vulnerabilities and failings when you show the true you.

Always keep in mind these:

–          If you try to be someone that you are not, you will be causing problems to yourself mentally and physically. It encourages the thought that you are not good. This is not a good way to build self-confidence and self-esteem.

–          Failing to be true to yourself puts you in an insecure and perilous position and you will always live in fear of being discovered.

–          Some people who are not true to themselves can sniff that you are fake from miles away.

–          Living in hypocrisy, deceit and lies will make you more disconnected and you may begin to live as your make believe self.

–          Real happiness, peace, and bliss are only possible if you are true to yourself. 

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