Admit Your Mistakes

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Anyone is capable of committing errors, regardless his status even if he is a CEO or a president. However, any time that there is an attempt to cover the fault, it begins to take a life of its own. As people try to cover up their mistakes, it makes them to make goofier ones. The neater and easier way to deal with this problem is to admit that you were in the wrong as soon as you get a chance without trying to discover fresh ideas and facts. You have to use what you learn as soon as you learn it.

Recognize that you were wrong as soon as you find out that you made an error. According to how long you took to recognize the error, there are more problems – if you take too long to admit it, you will feel sorry and you may try to do everything you can to cover it up.

As soon as you recognize that you made an error, do not try to make things worse by playing the fault game. Many people recognize that this can be a poor effort at covering themselves up and can put them in a damaging light by trying to shift the blame to somebody else. A perfect example is when you have assigned the work to someone else and it was not finished. Even if it can be partly the fault of the person you assigned the work to, even you are at fault since you did not follow through to the end. Always assess what happened before you begin to blame someone else and apologize.

Maybe you did lose some projects and you found out later that it was in your pile and it was not finished. Some times, you may even break someone else’s beautiful vase or even miss out your relative or friend’s birthday. Sometimes an apology can be taken as a fast fix or insincere, however, asking to be given forgiven or to apologize is to give a chance to someone that you have wronged to give you forgiveness. This prevents you from giving yourself forgiveness.

Give a provision for amends. You can show that you are regretting what took place by agreeing to finish the task without an extra charge, by buying a new vase, or you can take your relative or friend out for dinner. If you offer such kind of solutions, you will be softening the blow that the person you disappointed got.

Do better next time. Make sure that you do not repeat the same mistake. When you understood what happened, you will work to make sure that it does not happen again in the future. In case the trust people have in you dwindles then it may hurt your relationship with them in the future. For example, you can miss out on a job promotion or you parents may never trust to leave you at home alone anymore.

Learn from the mistake you made. In case you were thinking of a customer’s task or job, make sure that you have all the deadline dates after the meeting. In case you do not want to forget any important occasions for your relatives or for your friends, you can put the date on an electronic calendar. In case of your mother’s vase, you can take time to see what you did wrong that led to damaging a vase. Learning from mistakes will make sure that you do not repeat them.


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