Live In The Present

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Many pass most of their time living in the past, they may be dreaming about what may have happened if things turned differently. It is necessary to live in the past for sometime especially when you meet an old acquaintance. However, if you pass most of your time thinking about the past then this can have a negative impact on how you live your life. If you keep bringing up the past or re-experiencing it, then you may damage your current relationships.

People who like to think about the past normally evoke the damaging past experiences. On the other hand, if you are someone who always considers the future then this will also have a bad impact on your relationships. You may find yourself missing important family time because of working hours and you may remember to come home when your children have become adults and already moved out. Your husband or your wife may hold a grudge against you because you think about income before you give enough time to the relationship you have with your loved one. If you work long hours for long time, you may end up getting sick or dying and you may not even find time for enjoying the income that took you all your time. Always keep in mind to live for now, since tomorrow may never come!

Keep in mind that worrying about what took place and thinking about what may happen in the future, will not change anything of what happened or what may happen. Do not worry yourself because owing to these problems. Worrying keeps you stressed and consumes all the energy you have.

Do not get involved in destroying conversation with your inner self. Take time to be cognizant with your thoughts. Do not take too much of your time thinking of what may take place since from the beginning nothing happened the way you thought it would happen anyway. Do not consider tomorrow since nothing will happen the way you think that it may.

Make sure that you are happy; this will give you the capacity of living better in the moment. Make sure that your mind is not justifying why you are baffled. Get to know that your fretting and stress are optional and not a must, everything will depend on how you can savor your own ride.

Many people may not care about what you have been, what you may have done, and how good you may have been or any of your accomplishments. They only care about who you are now and what you are doing now, since what had passed does not matter for the future. Be who you are and discuss only today.

Accept the fact that you are unique and great and that all moments even bad or terrible moment have their purpose. Getting out from a moment can be too tantalizing especially when it is objectionable. No matter if the moment you are living now in is objectionable or pleasant, it is still your moment. To decide not to live in it can be considered as casting a part of yourself away.  If you have faith, you will gain the strength to live through all your moments and not only the pleasurable ones.

If you are passing through a trying moment, give it your strength so that it will also pass away, and do not be weighted down by its might. If the moment has already passed, then you have to let it go. You can keep some of its feeling but never try to relive them always.

When you live in the present, you will be free from the past and free from any concern for the future. Living in the present means that you are able to trust yourself completely and always believe that nothing that may have happened in the past will come back to haunt your future. Afterwards, have faith in your own future since you have already come this far up to now. Put your trust in time to take care of all your fears of everyday life.


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