Search Within And Get to Know Yourself!

Look very well at your weaknesses.

Get to know yourself deeply.

Think about the circumstances when you think that you are not true to yourself. Maybe it is the time when you are going out with somebody for the first time. It can be a business meeting or when you know that your mother-in-law may visit.

Get to know what motivates you to be cautious for each situation. Think if it was necessary to act as someone that you know that you are not, or to do things that you know very well breach your values. What can happen if you act as you really are and stay true to your own feelings? You also have to think if you can get what you want without having to compromise your feelings and beliefs.

Everyone needs to be powerful, however, true power does not come only where people are able to govern over other people, but in the way that you are able to reign over yourself. There is no way that you can reach your dreams if you are not able to control yourself in the first place. This is why it is necessary to comprehend and to manage your failings. You have to remember always that weakness means the lack of power. You have then to ask yourself if you are ready to overcome your failing or if you prefer to be weak or powerful.

Being weak should not bring any shame to you since it is what makes a human being. However, here you are not dealing with a moral problem but a practical problem. You are looking at what works and what you have to do to accomplish your goals. It is the intensity and not weakness that will take people where they wish to go. This is why it is imperative to discover your weaknesses and to defeat or to manage them.

However, remember that you will not be able to overcome all your weaknesses or sometimes you may not even want to do it. Weaknesses are important since they help us to be individualistic. You are not likeable to others because of your strong points alone, but your weaknesses count too. You will relate to your defects and you will root them since you are fallible. When you open up to your friends to show your weaknesses, you will bring more closeness which fortifies the relationship. Weaknesses bring benefits to your love life and to your relationship too. In case, you pass too much time in living with your weakness, then you will fail to see any other weaknesses you may have. Yet, the start of overcoming weakness is the first to be able to recognize it. This is why you have to first discover the character flaws that hide in your background. The best way that you can do this is to start monitoring your negative emotions. Think if you are vindictive, angry, jealous, envious or resentful. All these are the failings that you have to begin to work on. 

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