Be True to Yourself For A Better Life

You may have discovered that you sometimes waver at a small threat or challenge only because you have not yet understood what is firing you up and what matters is that you can negotiate how you live. If you miss the conclusion, then you realize your life isn’t what you were hoping for. This is why it is necessary to take time and to decide what matters in your life and the core values which you are living for. You have to make sure that you understand what you enjoy and what illuminates your life clearly.

Get a small paper and a pen and begin to list down any positive qualities that you have and that you admire in yourself. Write using a flow and your conscious style. Since in life many people tend to focus only on the negative aspects, this way you will have to think about the positive side alone.

Get another paper or use the same paper to write down the week or the day that you remember that you were focused or happy. Think about what took place and made you truly happy. This can be anything like playing the guitar or just helping an old person to cross the street, and then you have to record everything you remember about this.

After identifying your best qualities yourself, you can go ahead and ask your friends and relatives what they think are the best qualities they see in you. You have to be ready for any critique since those people are among those you love the most and they are the closest people in your life. This will make you think about what you are able to offer to the world in a positive way.

Learn about your thoughts. Here you can use the meditation method. When you are able to meditate, you will also be able to listen to what your wants and urges are. When you are in the real deep meditation state, your thoughts will disappear and you will listen to your inner calling.

After reading what you have written about yourself and the feedback you got about yourself, you will have to look for the similarities among the two groups of qualities. Put all the skills, thoughts and feelings in two different groups, this will enable you to look at what to choose in your life or the activities that you can get involved in over the weekend or during the whole week. 

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