12 easy way to earn money

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 1. Sell any items you don’t want, like old stuffed animals, toys, shoes, clothes, etc. Make sure these items are in good condition or close enough. Maybe can sell on ebay.

2. Do some chores around the house or ask your parents if you could get an allowance.

3. Ask the neighbors you know well if you could help with chores like yard work, cleaning out a garage, cleaning up after a party, etc.

4. Babysit. Don’t babysit people you don’t know if you’re under 18. If you’re just starting out babysitting, babysit the neighbor’s little girl or your 3-year-old cousin. Do this only if you fully understand how to avoid accidents and what to do in case of an emergency. Make sure your parents know the duties you are asked to perform before taking the job.

6. Search down the sides of the sofas & even in your washer! People can lose their money in the sofa or forget to empty their pockets.

8. Petsit, sometime when people go away they can’t bring their pets, someone would need to feed them and depending on the pet other things, charge around $4 per pet and make sure you know the pet(s) and the owner(s) well. Do this only if you know how to prevent accidents and what to do in an emergency. Don’t ever forget the pets, they are counting on you. Make sure your parents know the duties you are asked to perform before taking the job.

9. Put on a show for the little kids in your neighborhood. Charge about $0.75 a kid.

10. Look on the ground while walking, you may find some big bucks! There have been people who have found $50 dollars just laying there on the ground (but they were REALLY lucky! Don’t expect $50 to be laying there on the sidewalk.)

12. Get a large coin bank, fill it with all sorts of coins you find around. After you fill it up, check it for any rare or old coins you could sell later. Go to your nearest bank, and exchange those coins for bills that you could save in an account.


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