Happy New Day!

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      Have you broken your New Year’s Resolutions already? Well, don’t get down on yourself.  You can always start again! Today is a new day. Every morning a new day starts and we can start over again. This year my number one  New Year’s resolution is that I am going to start each day as a new beginning, because it is a new beginning.

      Happy New Day! Why wait until New Year’s to start over again? Every day you can look at what you have to do today, everything that is on to-do list, everything that you have dreamed of doing, you can look at it with fresh eyes every single morning. Happy New Day! You don’t have to beat yourself up for what you did or didn’t do yesterday. You can look at what you can do today, and rather than worry about what you might be able to do tomorrow, focus on what you are able to do today.  Decide what you feel is important to do today?

        Is it most important that you have a spotlessly clean house or is it more important that you spend time with your family today? Perhaps what you need to do is to organize your space or your time. Perhaps you want to make a fantastic meal for your family. Perhaps you want to finish something that you started months ago. Perhaps your goal today is to get out and take a walk for exercise. Perhaps you want to begin serving your family healthier meals. What about that book you started reading last week? Can you read a few more pages of that book today? What about that book that you’ve meant to write? Is there five minutes today that you can write down some ideas about what you want to write? Can you write a short synopsis about what you’d like to have in your book? Can you begin thinking about your antagonist, and how he can make your protagonist’s life miserable?

     When you awaken in the morning, ask yourself what you would like to be able to say you did today by the time you get to bed tonight. Write it down. Prioritize and get started. Who knows, you might be able to reach those New Year’s resolutions anyway.


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