So, You Want To Be a Bailiff

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A bailiff is the law enforcement officer who stands guard over the court while it is in session. Usually, a bailiff is a corrections officer (CO) who has chosen to work in the courthouse instead of the usual penitentiary option. Follow these directions to learn how to become a court bailiff.

The first step to becoming a court bailiff is to obtain your high school diploma, or General Equivalency Diploma (GED). Also, you need to have at least attained your 18th birthday, some states require that you need to be 21 years of age before you can apply.

You should also check with your local community college or vocational-technical or trade school to see if they offer a corrections officer/Court Bailiff training program.

Make sure that you stay out of trouble with the law. A prospective court bailiff usually needs to have a squeaky clean criminal background. Also, stay away from illegal drugs and make sure that your credit is good. Some law enforcement agencies will perform a credit check and all will require a urinalysis.

Make sure that you take care of your health and you are in top physical condition. There is usually a physical examination and physical endurance test performed during corrections officer training and/or the employment process for some law enforcement agencies. Your dedication to your health and fitness will not end during training, a bailiff needs to be fit and agile in order to protect his courtroom.

Finally, you should make your educational facility know that you are seeking to become a bailiff. Most trainees in corrections officer programs are looking to work in a penitentiary situation. If you alert your instructors that you specifically desire to be a court bailiff, they may have extra advice and information that they can share with you. Whatever you decide, becoming a bailiff is a worthy goal – good luck on your career training endeavor!

* In some jurisdictions, bailiffs are police officers who are assigned to courthouse duty.


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