The Union Authorization Card Trap

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Labor unions have trained their organizers on how to effectively utilize the power of promises in order to coerce people into joining unions. As a result, there are plenty of employees across a multitude of industries who have been lied to based on the perception of union power.

About two years ago I became close to a group of assisted living employees who were considering joining a union because they were upset with their management team.

Within a few weeks of educating themselves on the potential realities of joining the union, the employees decided that they wanted to work with their managers, without the union. The forty employees decided that they wanted to create a “stop the union” petition. They faxed the petition to the union and the National Labor Relations Board. The National Labor Relations Board told them that they could not take action until the union notified them they were withdrawing their recognition petition. They then called the union and asked them to withdraw the union election.

The union refused to withdraw from their union organizing campaign. Several of the employees said the union organizers and union business agents yelled at them and called them a “bunch of idiots!” The union also threatened to file charges with the Labor Relations Board against the same employees they were claiming to want to represent.

The employees were completely caught off guard by the behavior of the union and they were angry beyond belief. When the union organizing campaign started, the union organizers told them they would only do what was in the best interest of the employees so one can only imagine how completely devastated the employees were by the behavior of the union.

One of the employees demanded the union return her union authorization card because they were promised that the union would return their cards upon request. The union organizer refused point blank. He told her, “Once you signed your name to this card you gave us the right to do anything we want with it. I’m not giving you back your card.”

The union proceeded to harass the employees at their place of business and even at their homes. The employees eventually convinced the union organization withdraw from the secret ballot union election, but it took close to a month to do so.

The important lesson here is to be careful what you put your signature to because you never know how it may affect you in the future.


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