Spend Chinese New Year in Singapore

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When you are in Singapore, the hub of all the exciting activities will surely be at Singapore’s very own, Chinatown. Feel the exciting atmosphere in the air this mid Jan of 2012 with us as merchants and hawkers setup their colourful stalls along the line of Terengganu Street and Pagoda Street.

There are lots of Chinese New Year goodies to buy this time of the year. They range from snacks like love letters and fortune cookies. You can purchase pussy willow, Chinese red packets, colourful paper decorations or baskets of mandarin oranges. It is an old tradition that married couples are to give red packets or “Hong Bao”, which will contain money, during this period to their young and single. The young and single in return will give 2 oranges as sign of appreciation and for prosperity.

Chinatown is not the only place to celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore. The annual Singapore River Hong Bao festival held at Marina Promenade is a place you must be sure to visit. The River Hong Bao festival is a huge and lively event, featuring plenty of festive goodies, traditional arts and folklore from ancient Chinese history. You will find the entire area decorated with floats of resembling cherry blossoms, Chinese deities and ancient heroes. The streets along Marina Promenade will be littered with performing artists and craftsmen all the way from China.

During the festivities, be sure to get yourselft a special Chinese zodiac reading of your birth sign. If you were born in the Year of the Dragon which happens to fall in this year 2012, you may be told that you would have much fortunes and luck for you this year.

Another exciting event to look out for is the Chingay Parade. The Chingay Parade is the biggest parade in Singapore. It is a procession to mark the Chinese New Year festivities, the parade has evolved into an international event, featuring everything from Taiwanese acrobats to salsa dancers. For this event to happen, long stretch of roads from Orchard road will be closed. The procession will eventually find its way from City Hall to Suntec City in the heart of the civic district.

The Chingay Parade is truly an event not to be missed. This period of time is when Chinese New Year in Singapore becomes an all out big multi national party. Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone reading this and I hope that you can visit Singapore which is a great place to celebrate the Chinese New Year.


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