How to get your site indexed – easy steps to get indexed

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So you have your own website and want to index it faster ? Need natural traffic from search engines to your site to generate more revenues?

Want to get indexed to google and yahoo ad other search engines ?

Then here are few steps you must follow.

1. Domain name

Get your site a domain name that includes the keyword you are mainly using on your site or the product be mentioned. This helps a lot for getting targeted traffic.

2. Unique content everyday

Add unique content to your site or blog everyday . Google and most search engines like unique content .

More unique content added to your site more chance of yor site getting indexed faster.

3. Adding keyword rich content

Along with uniqueness of the content it should be keyword rich.

4. Get backlinks from high PR sites

If you can get backlinks from high Page rank sites the chances of your site getting indexed sooner increse 10 fold.

5. Write articles

write articles on keyword on your site and post them to various directories.

Add our website in your authorbox and get spread to vast amount of websites with your articles and website url rotating on various sites giving you more backlinks and more traffic.

6.Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking not only helps index sooner but get vast amount of traffic to your site .

7. Submit site to google site submit

After this submit your site to google site submit and this will enable google web robots and spiders to visit your website and this helps you get indexed.

Keep doing this for each website and you will see most of your pages indexxed by google sooner than later.


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