How to Find free stuff and big discounts on the internet

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The first one I have discovered is, it’s is a great place to get 50 % or more off of your favorite places to eat. You can even print them right off your computer. Just enter a location and they come up with a lot of different places to choose from. You can get $25.00 gift certificates for only $10.00

Another place is totally free stuff; you can get sign up for free stuff browsing by category because they offer free stuff from athletics to women’s stuff and everything in between. Need to send a text? Iontheweb let’s you send free text messages from your computer to any I-wireless phone. I use it all the time to text my kid’s when I’m surfing the net and I need to contact them.

Do you have a new website you want to tell people about? lets you add your new website to their directory for free. Need traffic to your website? I found a couple sites that you can submit your url to and it’s totally free. The first one is “mylinkpark” they send it to over 100 search engines and guess what? yep, it’s free!

There really are free offers and services on the internet, you just have to spend a little time and find them; once you discover these places you’ll be glad you took the time to research them because they can save you money in the long run, and submitting to your website to many search engines is a great way to increase earnings and sales.


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