How to monetize traffic with google adsense – step by step process

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Do you have a site  and /or a blog?

Have decent amount of traffic coming to them?

Then you are sitting on a golden egg laying hen…

Yes ..right . Monetize your site with google adsense and start earning checks every month!

And what you need to dom for that is

Go to

Sign up for your adsense account with the website or blog

Wait for the email of approval from them .

Once you are approved , login in to the account

Choose ad layout and number of ads in a single layout to be placed . Choose the colour , font of the ad box .

Generate code and place it on your website or blog at desired location.And you are done!

Yes no more of work necessary to start earning .

Just wait and watch check your stats daily and you will see how much of the traffic coming to your blogs converts to clicking these ads and you get paid for every click generated on the ad placed on your blog or site.

The ads are displayed automatically as your conent is relataed which increases the click through rate tremendously.

To Increase CTR[Click trough rate] modify placement and keep testing which ad block gives you more exposure and more cliks .Which colour of ad box gets mixed rightly into your blog or site design and generates you most clicks.

Just keep doing it and keep adding more and more websites . More traffic to your site or blog, more cash will flow to your pocket every month.

Every month your earning is above $100 you will get paid a check sent to your mail box. If earnings are less than $ 100 they are rolled on to next month..

So keep earning money from your blog or site without hassle using google adsense.


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