Knowing Your Immunity IS A Good Idea

Immunity is something which we posses as we grow up. Small children have very less amount of immunity so they get sick very easily. Many times even grown up people don’t have potential immunity. Reason behind is lack of food, nutrient, proper hygiene and good health care. All these are key points to help develop a good immunity. It is not an easy job to have a good immunity. Along with your external body your internal body is also required to be strong enough to fight with any foreign particle. But only few people can help themselves from getting affected by any foreign particle which enters their body. In gigantic cities like Delhi it becomes really a big problem to keep you healthy and fit. Along with population there is pollution also in this city which leads to problems for our health. It’s to have immunity otherwise a little time you stay in rain and you start sneezing, a little extra labor you take in doing your work and you become sick. All theses situation do come in our life and we simply take medicine which gives us a temporary relief but it remains a constant problem. The only way to help you from this immunity problem is to visit an immunologist. He/she is person who takes special tests and let you know about your percentage of immunity and what kind of food and nutrition you should take and what all habit you should stop or at least avoid. Traditionally to remain healthy and fit we use to take tips from grandma and family doctors but that was either not effective or if effective that to till a certain extent. But now when we medical science has increased so much people should really go to a specialized doctor for issues regarding their health, like immunologist is the right person who can help you out with your immunity problem. There are numbers of immunologists in places like Delhi who can help you out with health regarding immunity such as Asthma specialist in Delhi, Asthma doctor in Delhi and Allergy specialist in Delhi.

Immunology is a branch of medical science that covers the study and treatment of immunity. It deals with physiological functioning of immunity system in both cases of health and disease.  Disorder or malfunctioning of immunity system is known as immunity disorders such as autoimmune diseases, hypersensitivities, immune deficiency, and transplant rejection.

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