Facebook Shutdown?

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By now 90% of the world has heard the brushfire rumor that Facebook will be closing. This rumor started with one news site. I will not mention what site, as you all can look that up in the search engines. Either way, rumor has it that CEO Mark Z. wants to return to his old life because Facebook has gotten to stressful to manage because it simply has gotten out of control. Well, everyone can relax. This rumor is 99.9% false. Whoever started this rumor and made sure that it hits the search engines first certainly wanted the publicity.

I have done my research and everything about this rumor leads to it being false. As I mentioned in my previous article, I could not even think why Facebook would close down. Honestly, the CEO would not be stressed, or at least not be facing that much stress, simply because he has people who manage the site for him. Furthermore, if it was getting that stressful, then he could simply hire more people to manage the site. Furthermore, too many people have invested much into the site, such as finding lost friends, creating ads, marketing items, etc. Facebook is in fact the number one social network, and I doubt anyone, including Mark Z. would want to change that.

So, everyone relax, this rumor that was spread, and did indeed spread in the search engines like a brushfire is more than likely false. As I mentioned above, I believe it is 99.9% false based on my research. If anyone has any further evidence, feel free to share. I will keep my eyes open for any worthwhile development on this information. But the only development I see is the questions that will be asked in the search engines and false answers that people will try to share. Either way, Facebook is great on a number of levels and everyone should just enjoy the hard work that the CEO and his team have done to create it for the public and continue to build it, so everyone enjoy it and do not abuse Facebook or the creators of it with false rumors.


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