Techniques to Make Your Breasts Bigger

Getting bigger breasts is a wish that many women have but is one that hardly any women are able to see through. Although there is one way to get bigger breasts (surgery), it’s risky and looks ugly. Luckily, there are a few powerful techniques you can use to make your breasts grow naturally. Here are a few of them…

1. Eat Estrogen-Packed Foods

Estrogen is the female hormone – it makes us women who we are. During puberty, Estrogen is released into our bodies to stimulate our womanly features to develop. During the ages of 12-16, so much Estrogen is pumped into our bodies that our breasts go into super-growth mode, along with all the other parts of our bodies. Our menstrual cycle starts and we generally become women.

Our breasts will grow when there is a certain level of Estrogen in our bodies. And unfortunately for many women, this level of Estrogen is hardly ever reached, even during puberty. This leaves your breasts feeling small and under-developed, and causes many women to become self-conscious. Luckily, you can make your breasts start to grow again by boosting the level of Estrogen in your body.

Estrogen is a natural substance found in many plants and herbs. Some of the most potent of these foods includes Soy Beans, Tofu and Flax Seeds. These contain lots and lots of “Phyto Estrogen” (literally translated as ‘plant estrogen’), which is the natural form of our female hormone.  This means that by eating plenty of these estrogen-packed foods, you can get your breasts to start growing again, making them rounder and more full.

2. Massage Your Breasts

Many women constrict their breasts so much that they inhibit their growth. Wearing the wrong sized bra and bunching your breasts up against your chest are just two of the many ways that they become constricted. And when this happens, the blood flow to the breasts and the fatty tissue inside them becomes weak, making them lose their shape. By performing a massage to make the breasts more supple and soft, you can actually make them become more full and round just by massaging them each night.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Show Them Off

Many women who have small breasts are constantly covering them up and hiding them. This not only shows people that you’re conscious about the size of your bosoms, but it also makes you more aware that you’re not comfortable with them. Perhaps the most effective way to make your breasts feel bigger is to parade them as if they are as big as you’d like.

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