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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a real estate millionaire?  Some say that being in the real estate business is where the real fortune comes in, especially, if you made your first sale.  And if you made your first sale, chances are you’ll get another, and another, and another, until you’ve reached that goal of yours to become a millionaire. I remembered a few years back when a friend of mine offered me a house.  She was a real estate agent. Though, I didn’t buy the house because it was too costly for me.  I don’t even know if she made her first sale though after that, and where she is now. Another relative of mine was also into real estate business, although he didn’t become a millionaire. I think he went into another job.  Well, it’s really tough being in this business. You either become successful or not. But how does one become successful?

Benjamin Franklin once said that “there are no gains without pains”.  It is true.  Real estate success means that you have to have lots of pains, lots of sacrifices at first in order for you to become successful. Try and try until you succeed.  It could be that making your first million will come in about 2 years or so.  It all depends on how determined you are in your goal.  You can also make money in investing in real estate. I think there are people who have been successful and are making fortune out of investing in real estate.

But who has achieved success in the real estate industry, you might want to ask?  There are lots of famous people who have been successful in this business, and who have also received their failures too in the past.  To name a few, there are the likes of famous real estate tycoon Donald Trump; there is Donald Bren, currently the richest property tycoon in the world, who built his first home with a loan; also William King-director of UAE Dubai Property Properties; and many more. All of them had their shares of success stories in the real estate.

So if you want to try investing in the real estate, you may want to learn some tips from the tycoons.  They too had their first million before establishing themselves as the moguls in the realty kingdom. You can either read their biographies to feel inspired when you go into this business.  Their real estate wealth secrets aren’t as hard as you think. If you read some of their stories, then all of them had one thing in common.  They didn’t give up.  It’s true that they have failed a couple of times, but they never gave up. Even in times of economic crisis, they saw that as a challenge to them and got their feet back on the ground.  Who knows, maybe with hard work and a lot of determination, you too could be the next real estate millionaire, or even the next tycoon billionaire.


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