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In every race, there is different culture, but in celebrating the special holiday like, the Christmas season; culture is not the issue anymore, because it is about, the celebration of our Savior, Jesus Christ’s birthday. It is about His love in all the earth.

Anyhow, the manner on how every country celebrates; each individual had their own way, not according to culture, but each resources and personality. If a certain person is kinda happy and love parties, she can make a jubelant party, but if she is a kind of conservative, she can make the party more solemn, but still memorable. Yet, there are things that are common to both; these are the preparation of foods, games, and gift giving out of love.

This year was my first Christmas in the US. It’s unexpectedly full of sorrows and pains. It was predicted to be with my husband, and my stepson Marcus,yet we don’t hold the future. Somehow, with the people I live with, they were trying to make it very special for me. And it is more than enough reason to be at least happy.

In Christmas 2010, I was with my family and friends, of course with my husband, Mike. We had a sumptuous celebration with a roasted pig, chickens and other kinds of Filipino foods. My husband loved the roasted pig skin. I kept warning him for the cholesterol, but he liked it. We bought different kind of candies, to throw for the kids, and we were the one, who gave more gifts for the loved ones and friends. He was the Santa Claus of the party. Everyone was happy because no one was forgotten. Everyone was with the list to receive toys or cash and other stuffs. We just both loved throwing gifts, because it was Christmas.

I prepared games that I called, planting rice and building tower using the soda drink straw. It was fun. And each winner had a prize. There was dancing with the kids or the adults, or singing of Christmas carols. We also had exchanging gifts. Oh my, I got a Teddy Bear from my manito, Matthew Semblante, but my nephew Jarred took it from me. In short, I got no gift except one, my precious gift from God, my husband on his surprise returned to Philippines for me. I don’t need anything, anyhow but him. That was my happiest Christmas in my whole life.

This time I can say that my Christmas is different. Of course, because of the people I was with. They are white with beautiful noses, with vibrant personality. They are a happy people, who tried to make me happy too, for the season. How should I described it? There are lots of foods to eat such as cookies, chocolates, and others. Well, I don’t want to miss to mention the drink, which the youngest made for everyone. Gosh, don’t judge me but I like it. I don’t know what’s the name of that, but these are prepared using the candy cane with peppermint, martini, milk, Hershey chocolates, and others. Hard to recall, i think i was drunk, ha ha. But mmm, loved it. My shy personality was started to subside, hah! Was I drunk? That the scary part because I don’t want to spill a curse to myself. But I think, it was just alright. Smile. That drink made everyone enjoyed and more jubilant for the party. Huh!

What part that I like in the party?

Any party, there is always a spotlight. Guess what I like the most? The opening of gifts? Huh, it’s kinda embarrassing, and full of nerves that your secret angel might not like the gift you wrap for him. I got the head of the family’s Christmas list. Too bad I lost it that I don’t able to buy all of them. Sorry. Anyway, I was the top 3 that got a lots of gift. Should I mention them? I will try, why not. I got a pair of shoes that match to my pajama, a pair of ladies boots, gosh love it, a pair of snow shoes with fur, a purple dress huh! A pants, a what they called, an olala tops, and take not, it is purple too, oh love it. I also got a 16G USB, a thinker Belle ornament, a red sweater from grandpa, Christmas socks, and oh I never miss to mention this, my assorted kinds of Barbies. I also got the Godiva chocolate drinks, huh! A kind of vitamins ha ha ha. And sweat shirts from my in laws.

My Christmas this year in foreign land was materially abundant. The gifts, the foods, and other things were first time in my all Christmases in my whole life. I am so thankful for that, especially the effort to make me happy. I am so blessed, so blessed that I should not complain at all. But why there is still something I felt? The emptiness in my heart. There is a piece in my life that I keep longing to find it. That’s a piece that no one could give, but God. A missing piece from my puzzle of life, my Mike. Oh wait! We don’t have a white Christmas. No snow came around.

I don’t know what will happen next, after my first Christmas in the foreign land. My life is full of surprises, and got unexpected events, since my husband left me, or in other words, since I am alone. There are undesirable feelings that bothers me a lot like fears, insecurities and others. But God knew better than me. Should I be worried about it? But with the Psalm 23, I would be relieved.

There are more Christmases that coming in the future. Each season has its different situation, or characters because changes are the only constant thing in this world. Might be because of age, or some family members has their own Christmas already, or some friends depart, and others. So, the only thing that I can tell is that, whenever there is a special occasion that happen in your life, especially the Christmas, no matter how sad you are or boring you are; just always make it sure that you are happy, and you make others happy too. Because everything is only a once in a blue moon, and a once upon a time moment of your life. It would not be happening again.

Am just talking about what happen to my Christmas this year. The changes, the difference and the situation, but in the bottom line, Christmas is all about Jesus Christ’s love for us. That is the very important thing to be thankful enough, His reason to come into flesh for us. His love for us, that’s why we ought to give Love on Christmas too.

My first Christmas in the forieng land; I don’t have much description however, I just love to talk about it. It was great.

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