Low Budget Houses

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Today owning a home is a distant reality, particularly with low income and middle-income families. To this part of the society at a refuge where they can live at home, is a necessity, efficiency, innovative technology of the habitat and the environment. Housing at low cost from the centers of the building (Nirmithi Kendra) was approved by the government. HUDCO and in all districts. They provide a technical and advisory services for the public to allow the construction of houses in a cost or an affordable price.

Not only that, a number of property developers across India are in the lower foraying budget accommodation with a small budget and income segment. The main reason for this excursion to the segment of the housing slowdown in the real estate sector, which makes it difficult for the developer of the premium and the sale of houses away. Investment in this sector are not only on a market that needs a home their own lives, but also the ability to generate sales during the slowdown. If you look at the current phase of the real estate and residential areas has become unaffordable for low-and middle-income segment

What is the housing at affordable prices?

Affordable housing is a new concept that is more concerned with budgeting. This approach aims to reduce through better management, efficient use of materials, skills and technologies without compromising the performance and durability of the structure. It is noted that housing affordability does not mean that the houses through the use of cheap materials bad. These houses are built and as another house in relation to the formation, structure, strength, etc. Developers are responsible for the reduction of costs through efficient use of available building materials and techniques, sustainable, economic, for the user and requires no maintenance expensive. Low costs also by the shift of the surface and its implementation in several phases. In addition, the low cost of the accommodation is for the efficiency of workers, the reduction of waste in the development and the space and the application of best practices, so that housing, what to the people.

How much does it cost to build?

You can find the building in two parts, namely:

• Construction materials costs amount to 65 to 70% • The cost of labor is 65 to 70%

The scope of effective means to reduce the construction of housing at lower cost is the amount of building materials, consume less energy. It is possible if you practice and procedure for the rational design of efficient use of materials. A reduction in construction costs is by choosing more efficient appliances, or a better design.

What are ways to reduce the cost of the construction – concept?

Here are the resources that exist to meet the cost of the construction of buildings:

• To take a house with a small budget, that non-wage costs in the field of thin gallery concept. For example, 15 cm thick wall made of concrete.

• use of materials on the spot innovative ways in which the Earth blocks of cement, bricks instead of burning can help cover the cost of construction.

• Another thing, the May result in a reduction of the materials is the use of energy efficiency, less power consumption. For example, the use of concrete instead of brick burned.

• Use of replacement can be very useful. For example, the use of environmentally friendly materials to replace the components, such as use of the RCC framework for doors and windows made of wood instead.

• A rational and practical, can greatly contribute to the costs for the construction. It must try to preplan each house for planning and streamlining of procedures.

• In the first of the individual components of a house you can use the waste of materials due to the destruction of the elements of the house.

• To a good home, each component of the house must be carefully analyzed to determine whether it is necessary or not necessary. If an item is required, may not be used

• Reduction of costs is also possible, through the deletion of the article is superfluous. For instance, prevent plaster from the walls, the elimination of the use of plates on the basis of the Foundation.

• It is important to accept a lowering of quality, such as brick without plaster surfaces, to live and a home to offer.

Finally, it is for the good planning and the development of procedures, the services of an engineer who has experience or an architect for a reduction of the measurement of 25% in practice.


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