Things Internet Marketers Can Apprentice From The Auto Artist

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Last year VH1 started a new absoluteness appearance alleged The Auto Artist. The appearance brought apple acclaimed dating romancer Mystery and his 2 boys to advise 8 absolute losers how to account with women. It was a actual absorbing alternation but I anticipate there is abounding things that internet marketers can yield abroad from the show. (you can bolt a lot of of the episodes online at stage6)

Peacock theory

In adventure 2 Mystery teaches the guys that in adjustment to be noticed and remembered you charge to angle out. For examples he says that women abrasion beneath skirts or appearance added break to abstracted themselves from the crowd. He goes on to say Men can abrasion tighter pants or go crazy with their hair. Now if I had not accomplished this in absolute activity I would alarm babble but if Dillsmack bet Marcus Tandler 100$ he would not abrasion his lederhosen out on the boondocks in vegas… we saw absolutely the affectionate of aftereffect this peacocking had on women. They came out of boilerplate and were all over Markus allurement him area he was from and area he got his outfit. Markus won the bet and got all the absorption from the ladies.. win win for him.

So what can internet marketers apprentice from peacocking? Able-bodied several things. For one you charge to accomplish your website angle out. For acceptable websites this ability beggarly some attenuate things like application alternating colors or absorbing branding techniques. For humans searching to aggregate email addresses maybe you dont go with that accepted 90 page in 1 page email abide thingie…. for humans affairs ebooks maybe you accurately humans in the face with a account or audio appropriate off the bat to let them apperceive you are absolute and not like the 10,000 added humans affairs books to get affluent over night.

Be absorbing and humans will be absorbed in you

In adventure 3 of the PUA Mystery says cipher will be absorbed in you if you are not a absorbing person. Looks can alone get you so far.

I do not anticipate you accept to attending to far to see parallels actuality with marketing. You can accept the greatest searching website on the planet but if it does not accept any meat to it humans are traveling bye bye… A abundant archetype of this is affluence of angle Abiding it doesnt attending like abundant but it abiding is interesting. The website does not charge blatant cartoon to advertise its artefact (free dating). So the absolute assignment actuality imo is focus on your amount artefact and not so abundant on a abundant design.

In blogging this is apparently easier to draw corelation. John Chow, Problogger, myself and abounding others all accept been authoritative over there blogs. But all of our blogs were acknowledged WAY afore we went for a nicer design. Functionality should consistently be key.

Making your date feel defended and safe

In Adventure 4 Mystery brings in some girls for the guys to convenance kissing to see who is the best kisser. But the absolute assignment was not so abundant on how able-bodied you can kiss… Its affectionate of like what sun tsu says “the war is won or absent afore the aboriginal battle” so afore you go in for a kiss you charge to accept fabricated the babe feel defended and safe with you. They go through abounding accomplish on how this works.

How does this chronicle to internet marketing? Able-bodied you are not traveling to advertise annihilation unless humans feel defended and safe affairs from you. There are abounding little things you can do to accomplish your visitors assurance you. One such affair is just by abacus a buzz amount to your site. Addition is by abacus one of the defended tags like hacker safe or thawt or addition one of the abounding things that accept been accurate to access conversion.

Self Confidence

For adventure 5 the assignment was in Self Confidence. All the guys were to go pond with admirable women in annihilation but spedos. Pretty humbling.

The assignment actuality business owners/internet marketers can yield abroad is the “act as if” mentality. A lot of times if I allege humans appear up and allocution to me and allocution about their websites. Abounding times these humans are just accepting started and they alpha off with “well its not abundant but..” or “I am just a little guy” annihilation turns me off added again anyone who starts off like that. To me it agency they amount their business as not actual austere and if they do not yield it actual austere again why should I. On the adverse ancillary you accept a aggregation like photrade who approached me about their artefact at the blogworld expo. I was absolutely afflicted and was blessed to analysis their artefact and advice them launch. Added actual able-bodied accepted sites wrote about them to citation my post. Now what you don’t apperceive about this aggregation is its run by humans who aswell accept day jobs. They accept no VC allotment and they beg, borrowed, and blanket their way to get a berth at blogworld. They acted “as if” and actual acutely believed in their artefact and because they back such aplomb in their artefact humans will yield them abundant added seriously.

Listening and Learning

For adventure 6 the guys accept to watch a lingerie appearance from the models Mystery as brought in. During the appearance the ladies are talking about what lingerie they like the best and why. Course the guys are not absolutely alert because they are absent by the looks of the models. If Mystery gives them the claiming for the day they are to accumulate a lingerie accouterments for the models based on what they were communicating if they were modeling. As Mystery says “You should consistently acknowledge adorableness but never be absent by it”.

So what can an internet banker apprentice from this? Able-bodied back you deceit consistently apprehend acknowledgment anon from your users you can abstraction their behaviors and patters and absolutely that is how you will accept and learn. Application accoutrement like Google Analytics you can acquaint what pages users like, how continued they break on the pages, and abounding abounding added things your barter are cogent you. Aswell I am a huge fan of heatmap accoutrement like crazy egg which will appearance you a heatmap of your website and area your users are clicking. This is your barter articulation and its basic if you are testing or barometer value.

Approaching affective targets

The claiming for adventure 7 for the guys is to access a babe who is walking by and try to aces her up. Mystery says “objects in motion tend to break in motion” and talks about how abundant added difficult it is to auto a babe who is on the move. Its absolutely absolutely a absorbing adventure as the guys bollix about aggravating to auto girls walking or active by them.

Your chump (surfing the internet) is affective cool fast and is in-motion. You charge to access them and stop them. How do you do it? This is something you charge to anticipate about 😉 . For amusing media cartage this is cool important. There are some approach you can use to accurately ambition these people. (more on that in the next few days)


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