Helping your parents to save.

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It has been the issue in this world about the recession. Almost everybody is trying and doing their best to save money by budgeting, loaning and paying their debts. It must be really a pain to have money problems. So i thought of something which can help my mum at least to save money at home.

  • Water – it’s one of the highest amount we get for bills. We use too much of the water i suppose as in we “depend” on it too much  on things that water is not necessary..I will only consume water whenever I need it like bathing, washing, watering the plants, etc. You will also contribute conserving water.water.jpg
  • Electricity – Power to entertain us. We always  use it –lights, fans, telly, video games, etc..Unplugging sockets of appliances that are not in use, switching off lights that are no really needed–i’ll just have the curtains tied for the sunlight to come in. I would just read a book rather watching movies all day and playing video games..


  • Food – I am so into munching… Definitely, I will have to cut down from munching junkies and cookies. Im going to eat healthy and whatever the food that will be in the table, that is all i am going to eat. I won’t find anything.. A good idea as well to lose weight by having a balance diet which is cutting down foods that do not contribute to a well being..


Lastly, save the money left from my allowances so that the next day, my mum will just have to give me half of the money she usually gives me..Do not buy things  using your left allowances if it is not necessary to have it. Wants can wait for it, there’s always a next time and right time to buy those things.



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