The Non-Surgical Way To Get Over-40 Skin to Die For

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When it comes to your aging complexion, do you think you’re stuck with the genes you inherited from your parents, or is there a way you can get over-40 skin to die for without having to go under the knife?

I know how unnerving it can be to have to think about this stuff. It would be so much easier if you could return to those carefree days of your youth, when it seemed as if nothing could ruin your soft, smooth, beautiful complexion…not even spending unending hours soaking up rays of the sun trying to get a rich brown tan.

But little did you know that once you reached 40 your genetic makeup, along with all those hours in the sun were going to come back to haunt you. Slowly but surely, your youthful beauty is being replaced with dry, leathery, wrinkled skin.

While you can’t really do anything about the skin deterioration that comes from your genes, you can do something to lessen the aging effects of external factors such as sun exposure and less-than-healthy eating habits. Even though these non-surgical methods may see ridiculously simple, don’t underestimate their power to help you achieve over-40 skin to die for.

  • Eliminate Cigarette Smoking – This habit is not only extremely unhealthy, it is a major contributor to aging skin. In addition to developing wrinkles and lines, your complexion can take on a sickly yellowish tone. Your skin will immediately begin to recover the moment you stop smoking.
  • Be Mindful of Any Repetitive Facial Expressions– Excessive smiling, frowning, or eyebrow-raising is known to lead to noticeable lines and wrinkles in the mouth, eye and forehead area.
  • Change Damaging Sleeping Positions– You could be adding to your lines and wrinkles if your face is, consistently, pressed into your pillow as you sleep. You can eliminate this problem if you develop a habit of sleeping on your back.
  • Limit Your Exposure To Direct Sunlight – Try to avoid the sun during the peak hours of 10 to 2. When you do go outside, keep your face shaded with a brimmed hat. If you have to wear sunscreen, avoid those with a heavy chemical content.
  • Improve Your Eating Habits – Eliminate or significantly reduce your intake of junk food, especially sugary treats. Sugar is a known to cause inflammation in your body, and this includes your skin. Try to add more brightly-colored vegetables to your diet to reap the benefit of their antioxidant power.
  • Drink More Water – Flush any free-radical buildup from your body by drinking plenty of water. Free radicals attack your skin cells and prevent them from producing the natural collagen and elastin that keep your skin soft, smooth and healthy.
  • Stick to All-Natural Skin Care Products – Most mainstream skincare products are made with chemicals which are not good for your skin. With so many great all-natural products on the market, there is no reason to subject your skin to the damage that can be caused by synthetic chemicals.

Make no mistake about it! You can get over-40 skin to die for without having to resort to surgery.


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