Growth of Metropolitan Life in Canada , Factors

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Two important events of installment of the Metropolitan Life in Canada. The first was the rapid expansion of social services throughout the Dominion. Dr. Lee K. Frankel began his work with the best interests of the company in 1909, and one of his first projects was the establishment of a nurse in Canada. Under his leadership, the holders of the Metropolitan Police nursing in Canada began in 1910, just months after he was in the U.S..

Montreal was the first Canadian city to have the service, and because of the nature of bilingualism of the population is necessary, both in English and French organizations of nursing. Therefore, on 12 January, was a member of the Order of the Sisters of Victoria for the insured in English, and some days later, a similar agreement was reached with the Sisters of the hope for the insured French.

It is also important to note that the first brochure was published in the Mother Country Health Canada 1898. This publication, entitled “A friend in need is a friend: Directorate for Health at Home was founded by Dr. Thomas Simpson, medical director in Canada.

The second activity was in relation to the participation of Canada in the First World War. The Metropolitan, immediately after the declaration of hostilities has other loans to companies in every possible support from the government. If the company has a liberal policy in the two branches of the economy and departments a call or when the use of men.

A large number of the first Canadian contingent 33,000 people for the service abroad – the famous “Princess Pat” regiment – was made by the company in a small additional premium. Fiske, the president’s trip to Canada, particularly to speed before shipping.

As the war in the increase in severity beyond all expectations, but it has become necessary to protect the insured is usually in addition to the limitations of this type of insurance for the risk of war. But this generous action by the city remains one of the stages of service to the population of Canada. The company also plays its role in the war by funding $ 24225000 investments in bonds of victory, and the district credit campaigns actively victory.

The Metropolitan in a position to provide services for the establishment of life insurance in Canada, where at the request of the Federal Government, based on the financial plan, life insurance company Union in1913. Over 100,000 police Owners of the company, the insured $ 17500000, is in the mother country and were maintained without the benefit of their insurance. In the first years québécoise, The Canadian life insurance company in Montreal, was also adopted, and about 35,000 people were in the mother country reinsured.

At the end of the year 1917, business in the Metropolitan force in the Dominion to $ 222,000,000 for an increase of more than 1894 total $ 4,500,000. This represents about 14 percent of companies in force in Canada and was a striking indication of the position of the Company has in life. In fact, the Metropolitan in 1912, has more business in force in Canada than any other company – a direction that has continued.

At the end of this second phase of our history of industrial strength was slightly more than half the sum, but a special emphasis was placed on the regular department. Haley Fiske This was the prophetic vision of the reality of the risks and the creation of Canada as administrative Metropolitan 1917 last time ends.


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