Home Remedies For Dry Skin: When Creams And Lotions Fail, Cracks Result – What Then?

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There are some truly good hand creams on the market for chapped, dry, burning skin on your hands, fingers, thumbs, and even your feet. They are even pretty darn easy to find whether you shop ‘bricks and mortar’, or online. Some are even all natural, but much harder to find. This is one reason folks turn to home remedies for dry skin.

You may further discover in researching your home remedy, as I did, that many popular commercial lotion and cream manufacturers include some type of alcohol or other solvent that cause the product to ‘disappear’ quickly and not feel sticky. And those alcohols and other solvents can even ‘turn around’ and dry the skin further! Is there any wonder folks are looking to create home remedies for dry skin??

(Not only that, but…wait! Some stickiness is just what’s needed for keeping the good ingredients on the skin and also down in any cracks as long as possible.)

If you are a creative ‘home remedy’ type looking to avoid the problems associated with commercial lotions, you may have seen a number of formulas for hand creams when you did some ‘do-it-yourself’ research online. But that doesn’t solve the cracking problem…

… if you’re looking to get painful cracks closed up, in my experience, I found that it’s very difficult to adjust cream and lotion application frequency or intensity when your activity or working conditions change abruptly.

For instance, the constant drying activity that stresses the skin of a specific area of your hands when you are involved in DIY projects around the house – sanding, painting, or doing tile or concrete work. The constant wet/dry cycles professionals such as nurses, teachers, contractors, landscapers and many more experience daily is also an extremely skin drying, skin cracking culprit. You know what I mean, right?

Additionally, when the air suddenly becomes dry with below freezing weather (that also constricts natural inner moisturizing of the skin), or, conversely, when hot, dry winds blow, skin care crack prevention may fail and painful skin cracks can appear very quickly.

If you are anything like me and so many others, you get cracks either in the joint lines of your hands and fingers, or at the fingertips at the corner of a nail.

Your activity becomes super painful and very restricted. So…You need a PURPOSE DESIGNED Remedy that has much stronger qualities than creams and lotions, one that is aimed at quickly helping those cracks get healed.

My home remedy research led me to eventually create myself a balm that is natural, and based on beeswax and honey. They not only are well-known soothing emollients (moisturizers), but are sticky enough to stay down in the crack much longer than creams or lotions, vastly increasing effectiveness. I found that additional ingredients such as healthy oils like Aloe Vera Oil, Olive Oil, and Grape Seed Oil, widely considered to be soothing skin healing aids, can also be extremely important.

In your own kitchen ‘lab’, be sure to adjust your experimental batches for THICKNESS (this is an IMPORTANT tip) as well as stickiness. By using my suggested ingredients, beeswax and honey, along with careful adjustment of stickiness and viscosity (quite a bit thicker than lip balm) your home remedies for dry skin cracks should work out great just like mine did!

Jackson Ordean spent some years researching and experimenting with natural ingredients to find a truly effective combination to apply to severely cracked, dry skin he experienced in his varied careers as a ceramic potter, artist, Art teacher, carpenter, tile layer, contractor, automotive hobbyist, model maker, gardner…’you-name-it hands on guy’.


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