Do Anti Aging Creams Really Benefit The Skin?

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Aging is a biological process that is continuous in nature. Nobody can stop this natural process. Instead, its progression can be slowed down. The modern world has seen tremendous advancements pertaining to age. Several studies have been and still are being conducted on this topic. Several vitamins have proven to be beneficial in making the skin look healthier and younger, including, vitamin A, B 3, C, E and K. These anti aging vitamins help getting the flawless look that everybody wishes. However, these vitamins cannot stop an individual from growing old. Instead appropriate vitamins can assist in slowing down the process, giving a much younger look corresponding to the actual age. The moisture is lost as age advances, which leave the skin with a dry, scaly look, forming a convenient, conducive environment for bacteria and viruses. These antigens damage the skin, depicting an aged look. In some cases, skin that appears healthy may not be healthier. They can still age, discolor, wrinkle and sag as age advances. Here comes the role of anti aging creams. A reliable anti aging cream has anti aging qualities to improve health and appearance.

The anti aging creams are cosmetics with inbuilt moisture essential for enhancing the appearance. They have the capability to delay the aging process if used at the appropriate and relevant time. It works by reducing the wrinkles, blemishes, expression lines, discolorations, pigmentation and sun related changes. Anti aging scale for grading the quality of skin is categorized on the basis of the condition of the skin. These cosmetics have been in greater demand, and they have also delivered positive results. The anti aging creams are comprised of ingredients, such as retinol, that reduces the pores and fine lines. Another ingredient called as the epidermal growth factor, reduces sagging and wrinkles apart from the benefits of retinol. The intracellular glue responsible for holding the dead cells together are dissolved by the alpha and beta hydroxyl acids. Frequent use of cream with these can exfoliate the skin producing a rejuvenated look. Free radicals formed are other causes responsible for damaging the skin. Hence, the anti aging creams with anti oxidants may protect the skin from getting damaged. The UVA radiation, which is harmful and adversely affect the youthful appearance are blocked from reaching the skin by using anti aging creams with sunscreen in it. Creams with vitamin C in it has an additional advantage of inducing the healing of damaged dermal tissues. In order to benefit from all the ingredients in creams, appropriate concentration and application modes are necessary. For example, prolonged use of alpha hydroxyl acids can cause vulnerable effects hence sunscreen is preferred over AHA.

The anti aging creams come in different styles, separately for men and women. The only difference is that creams for men come in packs having a masculine touch. It is specially made to suit the texture of males as they possess harder and thicker skin compared to women. Apart from the various benefits of such creams, they also possess serious consequences if the used cosmetic is not of a valuable standard. Low quality cosmetics can deteriorate the conditions enabling the person to look older with greater wrinkles and dry skin. The cost of the cream is not what matters. What matters is the quality. Not so expensive cosmetics may be equivalent in quality with the expensive ones. Thus, it depends on the individual whether they would like to buy an affordable or expensive cosmetic. The fact that many are over concerned about their skin doesn’t opt to buy cheaper ones, compromising beauty.


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