Basic Information on Natural Hair Care Products

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The benefits of natural hair care products can’t be denied, since they not only prevent hair loss but also contribute to the texture, shine and overall appearance of hair. In addition, they are free of harsh chemicals, and some may even have additional health benefits.

Eating a balanced, proper diet is essential for the health of your hair. Recently, people are taking a renewed interest in diet and nutrition, and natural hair products are part of this. Externally and internally, natural hair care products can be greatly beneficial. Even better, they are relatively free of side effects (except in the case of an allergy) and are much gentler on hair and skin.

Choosing the right natural hair care products for you is very important. However, with all the choices available today, it can be hard to find that ideal product. It’s also easy to be fooled by chemically-based products which market themselves as “natural” simply because they contain a few natural ingredients.

There are four basic types of hair products. These are products to cleanse the hair, products to condition the hair, remedies for specific complaints and general hair nutritional products.

What Are Natural Hair Care Products?
Not every product with “natural” on the label is actually 100% natural. Anything you find in a salon or pharmacy is sure to contain at least a small amount of synthetic ingredients, since these are usually necessary to make the product shelf-stable. These synthetic ingredients aren’t necessarily all bad; they create luxurious suds, and they clean hair very well. However, if you want to go 100% natural, you can create your own products at home.

A common mistake is to see “organic” on a product label and think the product is all-natural. There can be significant differences. Organic and natural are not always the same thing. It is possible to create an organic product using synthetic methods.

Some Natural Hair Care Products

Nettle Root Extract: This 5-alpha reductase inhibitor is also a great source of Vitamins A and C

Saw Palmetto Extract: Saw Palmetto reduces levels of chemicals which contribute to premature hair loss. People with certain forms of alopecia can be greatly helped by this product.

Rosemary and Sage: Common and easy to find, these herbs are wonderful for hair health. Rosemary, sage, peach leaf, nettle and burdock, boiled together, is a wonderful hair tonic and rinse.

Jojoba Oil: This oil conditions your scalp and can even help control some skin conditions, including dandruff. Jojoba oil is also a one of best-known natural moisturizers.

Aloe Vera: Also cleanses pores, hydrates without buildup and balances the scalp’s pH levels. Aloe vera gel with a small amount of wheat germ oil and coconut milk is a great natural cleansing tonic.

Henna: This ancient hair aid provides both color and conditioning. If you like the auburn hue, it’s a great way to color and protect hair at the same time. Breakage is reduced, and shine is enhanced.

Psyllium Husk: This popular nutritional supplement is a natural laxative, moving food through the colon. By keeping your body clean and eliminating waste in a timely manner, this supplement frees the body of toxins, which results in clearer skin and healthier hair.


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