How to Choose The Right Yoga Mat

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How to choose the right yoga mat

The first thing to consier is price, how much should you spend? When looking for a yoga mat consider how often you will be using it and spend accordingly. A good yoga mat will last more than 10 years, so even if you are only using it on hour a week that is 520 hours of use over 10 years. This is a case where cheaper is not always better, sure you can find a good bargin and pay a reasonable price. However cheaper mats tend to be made from cheaper materials and this an be bad for your health, to be working out on cheap plastic eliminating toxins, you wil know straight away if they have a funny smell, that it can’t be good for you to use while you are working out or even have lying around your home.
Depending on what you are trying to get out of your yoga mat there are a few other considerations, the first one being sticky or not. A sticky yoga mat will help you hold the position while you are on the mat. It should not leave a residue and should not decrease in stickiness over time, it will reduce as you where the mat out over years, but not over months. You do not have to have a sticky mat they are best ued for the styles of yoga where you are holding harder positions for long periods of time, Bikram is a good example of this, as it can get slippery with the heat. If you don’t want a sticky yoga mat you could always opt for some non sip socks and a plain mat.
The next feature to consider is size, most mats come in a standard size but you can get some that are extra long or wide if you are a larger size.
There are dozens of different yoga mats, the best place to buy one is from an online store as they will have a better range. If you head of to a sports store or yoga studio you will be limited to one or two different brands. If you go to an online specialist store they should carry several different brands with testimonials to help you decide. Onlines stores will generally have a better price than a brick and mortar store. Yoga is one area of shopping where online prices are generally better than stores and studios. Having said this if you are happy with the mat at your yoga studio it is a great way to support them by shopping there, even if you do pay a little more.

Always check the thickness if you are doing a power yoga or astanga you will be jumping around and will beefit from the extra reinforcment that a thicker mat provides. If you live in a cold climate a thivker mat is a lso a necessity as it will provide extra warmth and imprve relaxation while you are in savasana.
Some of the more popular brands are – Jade E.C.O, Manduka,
Although a well known brand is a good inidication of quality some times the generic web brand from the online stores offer unbeatable value.


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