Review of The Lawrence Arms’ album Oh! Calcutta!

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In a recent search for new punk music for my collection, I discovered The Lawrence Arms, and quickly gave their latest album “Oh! Calcutta!” a listen. I was pleasantly surprised at what I found – a good album of upbeat, melodic punk that always makes me feel strangely happy.

Some songs are better than others, though none are particularly bad. Here’s a few words on my favourites of the album.

The Devil’s Takin’ Names
Best song on the album, in my opinion, so I find it a little annoying that it’s the very first song, because then I don’t have too much else to look forward to. VERY catchy chorus that never fails to put a smile on my face.

Cut It Up
Another of my favourites from this album, continuing my annoyance of the good songs being at the beginning of the album. A great song to sing/shout along to!

Recovering the Opposable Thumb
I just really like the line “Count all your fingers tonight” !!

Key to the City
Another chorus that makes me invariably happy! Listen to it, and you’ll see what I mean. And it’s near the end of the album, so I have this to look forward to 🙂

Like A Record Player
I love the vocal melody of this song – the verses AND the chorus. This track also contains a “hidden” track at the end of the album called “Warped Summer Extravaganza (Major Excellent)”

Unfortunately, the album is quite short, clocking in at only 33 minutes 56 seconds. This is because there are just 12 songs, which tend to be only 2 or 3 minutes long. In fact, the longest song is 4 minutes 52 seconds, and that’s because it is the final song, and has a “hidden” track at the end. My main problem with the album is the block of songs in the middle that aren’t quite up to scratch with the standard of the other songs. Though I suppose, that it’s better to have these songs in the middle, so that I can look forward to the better songs at the end.

Despite these things, I still really like this album, but I don’t know any of The Lawrence Arms’ other albums, so I don’t know whether “Oh! Calcutta!” is particularly exceptional for them, or if all of their albums are this good.


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