Review of Useless ID’s album The Lost Broken Bones

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I only recently discovered Useless ID, a punk band from Israel. I checked out their most recent album, “The Lost Broken Bones”, and loved it. Now it’s up there with Rise Against’s albums, and Ignite’s album “Our Darkest Days” in my favourites.

Now this is one of those albums where there aren’t any particularly BAD songs, it’s just that some are better than others. All the songs are good, but I still have my personal favourites. For example, “Isolate Me” is a great opener for the album, with a fast and catchy chorus, decent enough verses and a good guitar riff. “Mouse In a Maze” is my favourite song of the album. It has possibly the most catchy chorus of the entire album, and for some reason this song makes me feel really happy (it’s surprising, as it’s not exactly an anthem of happiness :P)

“Blood Pressure” is the lead single from the album, and is good enough for this, but not the best on the album in my opinion. I also like “Night Stalker” for its sing-along kind of chorus, and the verses aren’t bad either (there’s also a pretty epic last chorus, where two sections of the song are sung at once, and there’s a backing vocal part as well, and it all fits together and works well!). “Always the Same” is another song that makes me feel happy for one reason or another. “Misconception” is a bit different to the other songs, in that there are moments where it’s only vocals and drums playing. Either way, it’s still a good song, and I really like the simple guitar riff.

Another thing I like about this album is that my favourite songs are spread out across the album. I hate it when all the best songs of an album are right at the beginning, and then the album comes to an anti-climax at the end, with all the more average tracks. So if you happen to know the track listing of “TLBB” you’ll see that my favourite songs (mentioned above) are pretty much every other song for the first 10 tracks of the album.

So after hearing this brilliant album, I quickly went to find their other albums to listen to them. Unfortunately, I had built up high hopes for these albums after hearing “The Lost Broken Bones” and was quickly disappointed to see that it seems like “The Lost Broken Bones” is their best album to date, and the previous albums just don’t live up to the standards I had set for Useless ID. I soon realised that I only really like “TLBB” from Useless ID, and have resigned myself to the fact that I had only discovered one amazing album, not one amazing band. But you may think differently, so it’s still worth giving their other stuff a listen.


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