Pay Per Click Advertising Earnings

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Pay Per Click Advertising Earnings

Pay per click advertising allows you to monetize your website with just a little setup time and very little prior knowledge. When you sign up to allow PPC ads on your website, you get paid every time one of your website visitors clicks on any ads on your website.

One of the most important factors that affects how much money you’ll earn through pay per click ads is your targeted keywords. Keywords are phrases people would use in a search engine to find your website. You’ll draw in more traffic if you target keywords that accurately describe what kind of website you have. You should also research your niche to find out much internet traffic is even available. Some areas of specialty draw in more website traffic, but other niches may compel people to search for information in places other than the internet.

There are two pay per click advertising methods used by the networks. The traditional way of running PPC ads was popularized by Google through its AdSense program. These types of pay per click ads are banners, pop-ups, and other images. They’re typically very flashy, although believe it or not, people rarely see them! People are just so used to seeing banner ads on websites these days that they tune them out, much like they tune out commercials on television.

The new type of PPC ad is an In Text ad that shows up as double-underlined links. People are more likely to notice them because the PPC ad looks like a link inserted in your articles. They come with small bubbles that open when someone brings the mouse over them. The bubble shows a little bit of information about the advertiser and allows people to choose whether or not they want to see the advertisement. In Text pay per click ads don’t take away from your website content.

There are advantages to both the traditional and new methods of pay per click advertising. Google AdSense gives your website a very polished and professional look if it’s done tastefully. In Text PPC ads like the ones utilized by Infolinks offer a quieter method of advertising that many website visitors appreciate. Both methods bring in the extra revenue you’ve been looking for, so you may even want to combine them to get the highest amount of cash possible.

Pay per click advertising will bring in plenty of revenue from your website, but it’s important to understand the factors that go into how much money a PPC ad campaign will earn you. The Infolinks algorithm objective is to yield the highest eCPM possible, thus ensuring the highest revenue, guaranteed.


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