Salt and Vinegar Pringles – as addictive as nicotine for me!

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I’ve always loved salt and vinegar flavoured crisps, ever since I was a child. And I’ve always loved Pringles. So of course, salt and vinegar flavoured Pringles are like heaven to my taste buds.

As with all other Pringles, they are at that awkward size where a lot of people can’t quite fit a whole one in their mouth, but I can! So I have no problems there.

The flavour itself is very good, but pretty strong on the vinegar side, so some people find it too much, even if they like salt and vinegar flavoured stuff normally. As for me, the stronger, the better! (Anyone else remember those Walker crisps flavour that they had for a while? Salt and Lineker? They were SO vinegar-y, it was great!)

The salt and vinegar flavoured Pringles suffer from the same problem that all Pringles do – almost all the flavour is on one side, so eating it one way around actually tastes a bit different to eating it the other way up! But this doesn’t make that much of a difference really.

The only REAL problem with these Pringles? They are SO addictive. I actually find myself eating through a whole tube (one of the big ones, too!) on my own. I have to force myself to stop, and it’s so hard to do that!! And sometimes, I even find myself craving these Pringles, and so I go on a hunt through my house to find them (or actually go out to buy some if I can’t find any!) Because of this, I had to bring down my rating to 4 stars.

So if you like salt and vinegar flavoured stuff, go get these Pringles, but beware that they are ever so addictive.


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