Types of Cosmetic Breast Surgery

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Most often when we think of cosmetic breast surgery we think of augmentation and implants, but there are several things that can be accomplished through various surgeries. An enhancement, a reduction, and a lift as well as the removal of stretch marks, spider veins, or other unsightly marks can be accomplished with various or combined kinds of cosmetic breast surgery.

The most common kind of cosmetic surgery is mammoplasty, otherwise known as implants or an enhancement. This particular operation is for those who wish to gain size and possibly shape. It can be done as a sole procedure or it can be combined with a lift, or mastoplexy. An enhancement is usually an outpatient procedure with a recovery time of one to two days in bed and several weeks of light activity. There are different types of incisions that can be made according the patient’s needs and the professional opinion of the surgeon, and most of the incisions are placed in order that scars are hidden once they have healed.

A reverse mammoplasty, sometimes called a reduction, is usually sought for health reasons. A woman carrying too much weight on top can accrue nerve damage, back pain, back issue, neck and muscle weakness; the weight loss of a reduction alone is said to possibly decrease the risk of diabetes and other sometimes weight related health issues. An enhancement will most likely be done in conjunction with a lift in order that the skin and especially the nipples and areola are properly and aesthetically placed. The recovery periods are similar to those of the aforementioned, and if the operation is health related, it can be presented to a patient’s health insurance company for coverage.

A lift can be done simultaneously with the two prior procedures or it can be done on its own. Those seeking this may be those who have recently loss a large amount of weight due to diet or childbirth. Age and nursing can also play a part in downward decline of the breasts, and a lift is just the right surgery to reconfigure the anatomy to a younger and natural looking position.

During the process of any of aforementioned surgeries, previous scars such as stretch marks, spider veins, downward facing nipples, or misshapen areola can be addressed. Most all of these procedures, short of any complications, are outpatient procedures meaning that a patient can go home to her own bed to recover the same day of the surgery. Talk to a cosmetic specialist prior to choosing a cosmetic breast enhancement for the best opinion on which procedure is the best choice for you and your expectations.


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