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Acne breakouts are one of the most common types of skin conditions affecting people. We all get acne at a certain time in our lives. Although it is believed to affect particular groups of people (due to genes), zits can affect almost everybody. There are many different methods used to treat acne. The methods vary depending on the type of acne as well as the individual’s tolerance to the treatment method used. Some of the zit treatment methods you can effectively use include the following.

Antibiotics for zits

Antibiotics are a popular zit treatment method. The antibiotics can either be applied directly on the skin or taken orally.

Topical antibiotics come in the form of gels, creams, ointments, lotions or even body wash. The effectiveness of the topical antibiotic depends on different factors. That is, you aren’t guaranteed success when you use a certain topical antibiotic for the treatment of acne. The most common topical antibiotics contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. In order to increase the probability that a topical zit treatment will work, some of the feature to look for include the following.

  • Antibacterial properties

  • Exfoliant properties

  • Moisturizing properties

  • Little or no possible side effects

Oral antibiotics are usually prescribed to treat acne from within. The ingredients are carried through the blood stream to the skin pores where they are needed. These antibiotics usually work by creating a balance in the sebum secretion in the skin pores, unclogging the skin pores and killing acne causing bacteria. They can have side effects and it is recommended you get a prescription before taking them.

Dietary changes

There is an ongoing debate about which foods can contribute to the development of acne. Although many people believe that foods like chocolate and spicy foods are the main cause of acne, there isn’t sufficient evidence to prove this. Foods high in processed sugars on the other hand have been linked to the development of acne in the body. When you eat foods containing high quantities of processed sugars, there is a sudden spike in blood sugar levels. This type of blood sugar fluctuation affects hormone balance in the body. One of the results is excessive sebum production. In addition to this, the rate at which skin cells die out increases. These two conditions contribute to the clogging of skin pores and subsequent acne.

A change in diet can help in the treatment of acne. Turning to a balanced diet is one of the best ways to prevent and treat acne. It is recommended that you eat a diet rich in fiber and antioxidants to help in keeping the digestive system healthy.

Lifestyle changes

Lifestyles can also play a role in the occurrence of acne. Lifestyles which lack exercise and cause a lot of stress on the body increase the chances of development of hormonal acne. He reason for this is that such lifestyles negatively affect the hormonal balance within the body. By changing to a healthier lifestyle, not only will you get rid of acne, you will also reduce changes of recurring breakouts.

Home based zit treatment

Before the introduction of antibiotics for acne, home based remedies were used to get rid of zits. Many of these methods still exist and involve the use of products you can easily find in your home. Unlike antibiotics, home based zit treatment is more of a trial and error thing. There isn’t a home based treatment method which guarantees success for everyone.

Some of the home based zit treatment methods found to effectively treat acne include vinegar, baking soda, honey, lemons, oranges and tomatoes, toothpaste, aloe vera and garlic.

Home based zit treatment methods are a great way to take control of the treatment method. Unlike antibiotics and other acne treatment methods, there are few side effects to worry about and they aren’t that serious. You can get your free report detailing 5 easy steps to get rid of acne. These are practical steps which can be used to cure all types of acne. These 5 steps will not only help you treat acne, they also provide some health benefits for your body. Get your copy here and start your journey to an acne free life!

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