Review of No Use For A Name’s album The Feel Good Record of the Year

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As quite a big No Use For A Name fan, I admit that I was a little bit disappointed with this album. It saddens me to see NUFAN clearly descend further and further into the dark realms of pop-punk, when I know for sure that they used to come out with some pretty amazing hardcore punk stuff!

Either way, I’ve picked out some songs I felt were worth mentioning, and so I’ll just say a quick short sentence or two about them.

Biggest Lie
Couldn’t get the album off to a better start. Brilliant guitar riffs, and a good vocal melody.

I Want To Be Wrong
Catchy chorus in this song, with some surprisingly deep lyrics.

Sleeping Between Trucks
Slow acoustic song, still upbeat and positive, but very very very not punk 🙁

The Trumpet Player
The verses aren’t great, and could get a bit boring, but in my opinion the chorus makes up for it.

The Dregs Of Society
One of the better songs of the album. Great melodies and guitar work.

I just get the feeling that NUFAN don’t quite know what they’re doing with themselves anymore, as there are some songs on this album that echo back the good punk of their old days, but then there are also some very very pop-punk-ish/acoustic/generally-NON-punk stuff!

In essence, this album is not NUFAN-ish enough for me. In fact, I think that I’m beginning to lose hope that they might ever go back to their amazing sound that they used to have. But if you’re into pop-punk, then this album is for you!


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