3 Stages Of Hair Loss


If you develop male or female pattern baldness, which most of us will, you will suffer through three stages. The quicker you go through the first two stages, the better you will be in position to stop your hair loss and re-grow it.

These three stages are denial, cover up and finally taking action.


Normally you will lose between 50 to 150 strands of hair a day. The hair you lost will normally grow back after a short time. You do not need to count your hair strands that fall out; you will know when you start losing more hair than normal.

When men and women start to lose their hair for any reason, they immediately go into denial. Men deny hair loss because they are too young to be losing their hair.

Women deny the loss of their hair because women are not supposed to lose their hair. Women just like men can loss their hair for the same reasons as men.

The other reason women deny their hair loss is because it is a very emotional event.

Cover Up

The cover up phase usually blends in with the denial stage. This stage occurs when men and women realize they are losing their hair and must do something to cover it up.

Several things that both men and women use to cover up their loss are to try different hairstyles. They usually consult with their hair stylist who will recommend different cuts such as layered cuts or full body cuts.

Taking Action

The final phase people go through when they start losing their hair is to take action to stop it and re-grow their hair again.

There are a number of reasons for you as a man or a woman to lose your hair. In some cases it can be quickly remedied by seeing your dermatologist. It could be as simple as correcting what is causing the loss.

But if your hair loss is the result of male or female pattern baldness, then it is not quite that simple.

At the end of the last century, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved two drugs for use to combat pattern baldness.

One drug approved for use by men only is Finastride. The other drug Minoxidil, is approved for use by both men and women.


It is important that when you start to lose your hair, you go through the three stages quickly so you can stop your hair loss and have a better chance of re-growing the hair you have already lost.

Jimmy Chase got into hair styling when he was in the Navy. After the Navy, he continued on in the profession of hair styling and studied how people can have beautiful hair.

Jimmy Chase started losing his hair when he turned 50. He has done lots of studies on loss of hair, in both men and women, to determine what works and what doesn’t. He has successfully stopped his hair loss and has even re-grown some of his hair. He wants to help other people learn what he has learned, on dealing with loss of hair and re-growing hair.

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