How To Make Sure You Prevent Scarring During Your Breast Augmentation

One of the biggest concerns for those considering breast augmentation is whether or not the surgery is going to leave scars. In order to understand what can be done to prevent scarring, it’s important to understand why the body produces scars. When it comes to surgery for enlarging breasts, there are measures that can be taken during and after the operation in order to prevent as much scarring as possible.

What Is Scarring?

Scarring is the body’s way of reacting to a wound. While sometimes scars are light and disappear after a while, there are times when the wounds fail to heal properly and the scars are apparent as a result. While scarring cannot be avoided altogether, there are ways to reduce it so that you don’t have to put up with these unsightly reminders and you can concentrate on enjoying the results of the surgery.

The Type of Procedure Conducted

There are certain types of the procedure that can be conducted to prevent bad scarring. A periareolar incision is the option that causes the least amount of scarring. This incision is made on the nipple and the implants are inserted at this point. While this option leads to the least amount of scarring, it might also make breast-feeding impossible and this is why many women prefer to choose one of the two other options.

A transaxillary incision is made just below the armpit and it is usually chosen by women who would prefer to hide any scarring in this region. The last option, the inframammary incision, is made just below the breasts. It can leave visible scarring depending on how large the breasts are and whether they are able to fold over the scar tissue.

The Skill of The Surgeon

An experienced surgeon can make a huge difference in whether you’ll have visible scars or not. If you’re considering undergoing a breast augmentation, make sure that you look through the surgeon’s results with previous cases so that you can see the amount of scarring that is produced after every procedure.

The Closing Techniques

The techniques used to close the wounds after the surgery will usually have a large impact on the amount of scarring that is present. These techniques are constantly being improved and surgeons can now conduct procedures and use closing techniques that minimize scarring to the point where they are barely visible.

Post Operation Treatments to Avoid Scarring

Finally, there are certain measures that you can take after a breast augmentation to reduce the amount of scarring that appears once the wound has healed. These involve topical treatments. You will need to ensure that you follow the surgeon’s recommendations concerning these treatments so that the appearance of your scars will be reduced.

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