How to Move Your Job to China And Pollute The Planet

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  1.  Impose Carbon Taxes, Fees and surcharges

  2. Form Carbon Trading Markets and Exchanges

  3. Raise the prices of all goods, services and energy

  4. Watch industries leave our expensive shores

  5. Watch industry re-establish in the third world

  6. Watch world pollution levels spike up—the 3rd world has lower pollution standards than we do.

Why do politicians treat you like you are stupid?  Because after they perform the six step program just mentioned, you still sing their praises and vote for them.  While they send your jobs to China, make China the world’s only super power,  and make the level of the world’s pollution ten times worse,  you continue to serve the politicians’ every need, want and desire. 

Every liberal, progressive, and leftist politician on the planet is following this playbook to the letter.  They are doing so because it gives them everything they have ever wanted.

  1.  They get your money

  2. They get more of your money

  3. They get all of your money

  4. They get almost unlimited and unquestioned power due to Global Warming and Climate Change

  5. Any power limitations and unanswered questions are disposed with a single word:  terrorism

  6. They get to redistribute wealth from you to the third word. 

  7. By the way, those death panels people were talking about were real.  If you have reached this step you not only have no power to resist them, moreover, you will be shot for complaining.  And the nice nurse says:  It’s your turn.  It’s always turn.  We don’t look at your age or the state of your health.  We are more progressive than that.

What about the green energy revolution you ask?   Well the reality of the situation is revealed in a bankrupt solar energy company that the Obama administration gave half a billion dollars to.  But you can’t handle the truth.  You never could.  That’s why you voted for all those politicians who told such obvious lies like:  You don’t have to pay for anything—the rich will pay.   So let’s tell a nice fable about green energy.    The nicest fable would be that it will take 25 years to turn our infrastructure over to a green infrastructure.  The truth would be it will take at least 50 years.  Can you wait that long while you freeze or starve?  Can your grandchildren wait that long?  Remember the liberal and progressive politicians like Barack Obama will be creating a world where: “The price of electricity will necessarily skyrocket.”  If the price of everything you buy “skyrockets” what would happen to your standard of living?


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