The Things You Will Want to Update in Your Marketing Stickers For The New Year

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Do not let your color stickers for marketing get old. Every New Year, you must update and print new styled stickers if you want these prints to be effective all the time. Now, there are a few key features in stickers that YOU MUST update without fail if you truly want to have continuously effective color stickers.

So, for the sake of your long term sticker printing, here are the key elements that you will want to focus on updating. Once you update these, your new batch of custom stickers should be well customized and primed for this New Year 2012.

1. The graphics – Nowadays, people are very judgemental with graphics. This may be due to the fact that most of us are bombarded constantly with multimedia graphics that we tend to already have high standards on what constitutes good trendy graphics styles.

For color labels and full color stickers, this means that you will want to always regularly update their graphics to make them more refined, high quality and of course rendered in the best trendy fashion. With the best quality graphics, your stickers should be easily ready and of course be totally updated for the challenges of the New Year.

2. The fonts – Another important feature that you must update are the fonts of your custom sticker printing. While you can have the best high quality stickers out there, your designs might still not look as great if the fonts are old and outdated. Since large parts of the message of some stickers are reliant on text, this becomes a very important issue. That is why it is highly recommended that you always try to update your stickers with newer and fresher looking fonts, especially on the turn of the year.

3. The colors – You will also want to update the color scheme of your full color stickers for the New Year. While you can still of course use the general color palettes that represent your theme, you can update the colors by just using brighter or more potent versions of those same color palettes. By making your sticker colors a bit more vibrant and potent, you should get a newer and better look for your stickers through these colors. This gives that new and updated feel that will benefit those stickers easily.

4. The contact information – Of course, if you are using marketing stickers, it becomes really important for you to update all the key content precisely, including your own contact information or your specific response instructions and data. You do not want your readers to be calling the wrong number or emailing the wrong addresses.

Basically, you do not want to make a mistake in giving readers inaccurate information in your message. So make sure that all the number changes, email changes and other contact information changes have been done as an update for your stickers.

5. The size and shape – Lastly, it is a good idea to update and change the size and shape of your stickers for the New Year. Using newer and probably better templates will help readers distinguish your old sticker designs from these new ones. This distinction is important so that people can realize that your sticker content is newer, better and of course probably a lot more beneficial for you. So try to use other popular templates with a different size and shape from your original ones for color sticker printing.

Good! Do not be afraid! Try out all these big updates and changes for your new 2012 full color stickers. This should give your stickers the best start for its goals this year. Good Luck!


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