Reptile Community

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Take disgusted or amused by the shape and appearance. Dive into his world, for the sake of love and care for reptiles.

Like most other enthusiast community who have encountered Surabaya City Guide (SCG), this time again met with a group of people who have a penchant unique and special. The object of their favorite animals are reptiles that funny, at least according to them. gently and carefully, they keep the animals reptiles. Animals that for most other people in contempt and considered laughable, some even felt phobia. Call it Smiley, one of several existing reptile hobbyists community hero this city.

A group of people who like reptiles since four years ago, now has more than 40 people. “Active members now, maybe only half,” says Virnanto Wirapratama, secretary Smely, to SCG when met at a food center in kawawasan Jemursari.

“The agenda of our routine, get-togethers once a week, every month. It penggalaman share about our pets, and socialization. And every three months once a week greeting, the beginning of each month. It share experiences about our pets, as well as of socialization. And every three months, we try to get together with members of the Smiley in greater numbers to do some sort of gathering, “said Vito, Virnanto Wirapratama familiar greeting.

Heterogeneous enough community members Smiley, ranging from students, student, employee, entrepreneur, even a doctor by profession. Likewise with the animals at their disposal, ranging from snakes, scorpions, spiders, geckos, frogs, tortoises, crocodiles up.

Recent times, seemed awakened consciousness to choose reptiles as pets choice. “Maintain the reptile, which is definitely not a hassle. Imagine, feeding the reptiles there are 2-3 weeks,” said Vito again.

Sure enough, when the reptiles more and more preferred. Choose reptiles as pets are not troublesome in terms of treatment, given the little time available to care for the pet that is very dense due to busyness. In addition, interacting with the animals of this cold-blooded vertebrates were foster a sense of addiction, either!

Now the increasingly widespread diverse reptile fauna, both from the type of local and imported species, also supported increasing the availability of pets in many places. Including in-store pet store (pet store) in many malls and shopping centers Basar cities. It also triggers the increasing number of hobbyists and collectors reptile lovers.


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